CCSWMD gets grant for county-wide litter pickup

Local groups urged to get involved with clean-up

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The Clinton County Solid Waste Management District (CCSWMD) announced it has received a grant from the Ohio EPA to conduct a county-wide litter pickup campaign. The CCSWMD is encouraging groups to sign up to do a litter pickup of any public area in Clinton County. The area can be roadsides, waterways, village streets, parks, etc.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc. reports “research and experience have shown that litter is the result of individual behavior — choosing to litter or being careless in the handling of waste. And once litter is on the ground, it attracts more litter. A clean community, by contrast, can discourage littering and improve community appearance and quality of life. You have a role to play in preventing litter. It takes just one person, one school, one business, one organization to positively impact the behavior of others in their community.”

Jeff Walls, Coordinator, Clinton County Solid Waste Management District, said, “Litter also has environmental consequences. Wind and weather can move litter into gutters, lawns, alleys and roadside ditches. Debris may be carried by storm drains into local waterways, with potential for serious environmental contamination.”

What can you do to prevent litter?

• Set an example for others by using trash and/or recycling receptacles.

• Always have a litter bag in your car.

• If you are a smoker, carry and use a portable or pocket ashtray.

• If you see litter, pick it up.

“Get involved,” said Dori Bishop, Education Specialist. “Register your group with the CCSWMD to pick up litter in a public area of Clinton County. Your group selects the public area and the date that works for your group. The CCSWMD will provide you with trash bags, vests and any other supplies needed for the cleanup.”

Groups must register for this service-oriented project. To register, call the CCSWMD at 937-382-6177 or send an email to

Local groups urged to get involved with clean-up

News Journal