Enjoy a golfing staycation at Majestic Springs

By Debbie Stamper, - Executive Director, - Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Majestic Springs in Clinton County lives up to its name.

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In present day, our lives seem to run in fast-forward most of the time. The “experts” tell us that if we are to find balance in our hectic lives we should make time for recreational activities.

So, the question is, “How do you spend your recreational time?” Let’s take a look at just one of many recreational choices in Clinton County.

I recently had an opportunity to visit a place where locals and regional visitors are making the most of their recreational time in a beautiful setting known as Majestic Springs Golf Course. Whether you are a novice or experienced golfer, Majestic Springs is a wonderful place to get away from it all.

Located in Clinton County on Todd’s Fork Road, Majestic Springs is just a few minutes from State Route 68 N. on what was once a 220-acre farm owned by Wilbur and Ada McKay. The farm has now been transformed, all because of a lifelong dream, a lot of hard work, and the determination to succeed. The word “vision” was turned into “reality.”

What began as nine holes in early 1999 was, by the end of that summer, transformed into an 18-hole links style golf course designed by Ohio’s own Barry Serafin, principal of Serafin Golf Course Design. Serafin has been designing and renovating award-winning golf courses since 1987, and his creation at Majestic Springs ranks near the top of his list.

Most recently, in 2011, the O’Sullivans and Rapps purchased Majestic Spring Golf Course. Kevin O’Sullivan also manages the Southwest Golf Ranch and Harmon Golf Course in Lebanon. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the golf industry with nearly 30 years of experience.

At Majestic Springs you’ll find fairways shaped from rolling meadows, bordered by menacing roughs and woodlands. A crystal clear stream meanders through the course, that along with nine different ponds, 58 sand bunkers and several major elevation changes makes Majestic Springs one of the more challenging par 71 courses in the tri-state area.

A long, narrow, north south course layout makes playing easy on the eyes, with no squinting into the sun. Bent grass tees, fairways and greens are fully irrigated. Each hole features four sets of tees to accommodate golfers of every caliber. But take care or you’ll find yourself off in the fine, tall fescue grass or the trees that line most of the fairways.

An outdoor pavilion is also part of the landscape of Majestic Springs, a wonderful place to have a group outing. The course also features a 24,000 ft. driving range area with a grass tee box and target greens. All this is designed with the improvement and development of their customers’ game in mind. Spend some time at their practice facilities this season with one of their PGA staff members for improvement you can really see. The ambiance of its country setting works well for Majestic Springs.

Majestic Springs is open seven days a week. Look up Dave Stanton while there and tell him I said, “Hello.” For additional information, you can contact Majestic Springs at (937)383-1474 or check out their web site at www.majesticsprings.com.

So start planning those recreational activities for a more balanced life. If golf is your game, why not give Majestic Springs a visit? For more information on Clinton County, please call 1-877-4-A-VISIT or visit our website at www.clintoncountyohio.com.

Majestic Springs in Clinton County lives up to its name.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2016/06/web1_Majestic-Springs-Golf-.jpgMajestic Springs in Clinton County lives up to its name. Courtesy photo

By Debbie Stamper,

Executive Director,

Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau