WPD makes burglary, arson, theft arrests

By Duane Weyand - Chief of Police, - Wilmington

This week’s reporting period was closed out by patrol officers arresting George Sam Huston, 43, of Martinsville, who is charged with burglary and attempted aggravated arson. Mr. Huston was allegedly found breaking into a house and trying to set it on fire. He is currently in jail.

Some other noteworthy arrests for the week include Mikael Doyle Pruitt, 29, of Wilmington, charged with criminal damaging and vehicle trespassing. Shannon Allphin 39, of Wilmington, Timothy Melvin, 37, Amy Mitchell, 29, of Xenia, and Jordan Bart, 24, of Wilmington were arrested and charged with theft this past week. Total arrests for the week were 32.

This week we have had two stolen vehicle reports. One was stolen from a business overnight and the other was taken from a gas station while the keys were still in the ignition.

Over the week we handled 14 theft reports. A couple of these are people passing counterfeit $100 bills, one stolen bike from the downtown area, one where somebody stole two milk jugs from a front porch near the college, a stolen gun from the south end of town, and a few thefts from businesses on Rombach Avenue.

The total calls for service ended up for the week at 324. Suspicious person calls continue to be the lead activity for the week. Quality of life complaints like loud noise and reckless vehicles calls were our second-highest call.

Our communications center dispatched Wilmington Fire and EMS 69 times, Blanchester Fire three times, and dispatched SRWW seven times over the last week.

Duane Weyand is Wilmington Police Chief.


By Duane Weyand

Chief of Police,