Thanks from grateful motorist

Deputy Drake with Rhonda Abrams and daughter.

Courtesy photo

On our way back from Pittsburgh I ran out of gas on the highway. It was just before dark and we were stuck on the side of I-71 North heading home, still an hour-and-half away from home and my husband was even further than that playing gospel music in a bluegrass band in Cincinnati.

I was afraid to sit in the car with my girls for fear someone would veer off the side of the road and smash into our car. So we climbed a big hill beside the highway and called 911 … and waited … and waited. The district that was dispatched was overwhelmed with other situations; they ended up calling the Wilmington Police Department, which was further up north, to ask for their assistance. They graciously took the call and then Deputy Drake of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office came to our rescue!

He was so kind and genuinely concerned for myself and my two daughters’ well-being. It was pitch black out on that hill by this time, and the temperature had dropped into the 40’s. He took my girls and me to the nearest gas station, helped put gas in the can and took us back and filled my car with it. We were so happy and relieved — then after trying to start my car we realized the battery was dead due to leaving the hazard lights on the entire time.

He then pulled his jumper cables out and got the car running. I offered him money for his time and just wanted to somehow show my appreciation to him. He said, “I don’t want your money. This is why we are here. To help people and to serve the public.”

I too work in public service, as a Cardiac ICU nurse. I know how our jobs can sometimes be thankless. But people who serve the public do not do it for compliment, reward or monetary gain. They do it because it’s their calling, a “divine” calling beyond ourselves that God has instilled in us to serve others.

I want to publicly thank Deputy Drake! If this post ever makes it to him at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, my six-year-old said it was the most awesome day of her life! She loved riding in the back of your car! My husband and my daughters and I thank you for your service and we will never forget the sacrifices you make every day … while leaving your own family to help guard and protect ours! God bless you and your family! I pray protection over you and the entire police force during this very unstable time in our great nation!

Rhonda, Rayna & Reagan Abrams

Fairfield Twp., Butler County

Deputy Drake with Rhonda Abrams and daughter. Drake with Rhonda Abrams and daughter. Courtesy photo