From pilot pups to Henry’s six wives

By Indian Trails Chapter of Colonial Dames 17c

Hanne Rinestad and Alice Stewart with Heidi.

Courtesy photo

The Indian Trails Chapter of Colonial Dames 17c met at Max and Erma’s on Feb. 4 with 13 people at the meeting.

Hanne Rinestad attended — she is a foreign exchange student living with Alice Stewart and family this school year. Nancy Bernard, President, read a New Year’s Prayer to start the meeting. The usual ritual was completed. The reports from the secretary and treasurer were approved.

The table decoration were about the six wives of Henry VIII. Each paper doll had a written explanation about each wife. Blue, white, and yellow flowers were placed between each paper doll display.

Martha Saylor gave the National Defense report about protecting the United States from cyber-attacks. In 2016 there are more than 3 billion users of the internet. Today 40 percent of the world’s population has an internet connection. We also discussed the problem with phone calls and how everyone needs to be extra vigilant.

Kay McIntire gave the suggestions for veterans projects for the year. We decided to give snacks to the Wilmington VA Clinic. Also we will support a platoon of Marines leaving this summer.

A picture of the historical marker for the building of Dover Meeting was passed around the members. A small change was suggested. The group decided that the 14”x14” was the best size. We contacted the Quaker meeting contact for approval. Also we will ask Kim Stackhouse to start the next paper work. We hope to honor the Dover Meetinghouse in the spring.

Dates for the meetings for the rest of the year were given to the members. An email will be sent to the members with the meeting dates.

The program was about Pilot Puppy. Heidi, a standard poodle, attended the meeting. The pilot dogs are trained for the blind. They stay with the host family for around a year. Alice Stewart and her family have trained several dogs. The dog was amazing during the meeting. He sat beside his trainer and no one knew he was there.

The new officers start in April. The committee chairman for the next two years were chosen. The next meeting is April 22 at Max and Erma’s. The meeting will be installation of officers.

The meeting finished with Bonny Kanyuck winning the door prize. Also the brag basket was passed so everyone could tell about an important happening in her life. Alice Stewart gave a benediction.

Hanne Rinestad and Alice Stewart with Heidi. Rinestad and Alice Stewart with Heidi. Courtesy photo

By Indian Trails Chapter of Colonial Dames 17c