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Winners of the ECMS Astro Achievement Awards.

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East Clinton Middle School held the second annual Astro Achievement Award ceremony Friday, Feb 3. The Astro Achievement Award honors students who show positive growth as individuals to becoming great champions and ambassadors.

The students were given a breakfast and shared with parents and teachers.

These students were nominated by their teachers:

Ms. Argabright: Raven Eidenier, Gage Hamilton;

Mr. Arthur: Brian Kane Moreton, Arwen Griffith;

Mr. Carey: Trenton Stone, Kimberly Jackson;

Mrs. Creech: Danyelle Elzey, Dallas Harner;

Mrs. Davis: Alexous Fair, Lane Baker;

Mrs. Eltzroth: Keiaira Worthington, Seth Tagg;

Mrs. Gerber: Timmi Mahanes, Savannah Voke;

Mrs. Jeffries: Carter Carey, Autumn Berry;

Mrs. Lewis: MacKenzie Shoemaker, Jericka Boggs;

Mrs. Lynch: Paige Harrell;

Mrs. Manicho: Dakota Collom, Nathan Ellis;

Mr. Martin: Larc Wood, Emily Peacock;

Mrs. Polstra: Brooke Peacock, Anthony Allbright;

Mr. Ramsey: Marinah Beener, Ryan Vance;

Mrs. Reeves: Gracie Boggs, Madeline Turner;

Mrs. Shaner: Jayson Edison, McKenzie Pence;

Mrs. Sizemore: Holly Bernard, Anna Malone;

Mrs. Stauffer: Isabella Mendenahall-Adams, Hayleigh Perdue;

Mr. Stehlin: Jayden Murphy, Cooper Rack;

Mrs. Uhrig: Emily Sholler, Erynn Cluley.

Winners of the ECMS Astro Achievement Awards. of the ECMS Astro Achievement Awards. Courtesy photo

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