BDK Feed & Supply earns 2 national honors for service to customers, community

Earns 2 national honors for service to customers, community

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BDK Feed & Supply and PRO Hardware in Blanchester earned national recognition.

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BLANCHESTER – BDK Feed & Supply and PRO Hardware, a favorite among pets, livestock and two-legged customers alike, has developed strong ties to the Blanchester community by continually meeting customer needs and supporting the community in countless ways.

For its achieved success in customer service and retail operations, BDK Feed & Supply is being honored by Denver-based PRO Hardware as the 2017 Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award Finalist.

Additionally, the company is the 2016 Retailer of the Year for The Bostwick-Braun Co., based in Toledo.

“Connecting with their customers through community service is very important to BDK,” said Shari Kalbach, vice president of PRO Group. “Their involvement in local organizations has helped them develop strong ties to Blanchester. This is a family-run business that treats the community like one of their own. PRO is proud to have them as a part of the PRO family.”

When owner Darrell Kingsland opened the store in 2009, it was a feed-and-seed shop with only 800 square feet of hardware. Today, the store has grown into a 10,000-square-foot pstore providing Blanchester residents with products to care for pets and livestock, as well as home improvement needs.

“For BDK, the customer always comes first,” said Ben Obee, Bostwick-Braun sales representative. “It’s a very hands-on store that’s deeply involved in the community. Whenever a customer comes in with questions about a project, they’ll research what the customer needs.”

Kingsland prioritizes his team to make sure employees are always able to provide this level of service. He holds weekly check-ins with his staff and sets goals for the week. Several times per year he also hosts an extensive meeting where he and his team review new products, discuss the upcoming season and make merchandising decisions.

For Kingsland, it’s important that BDK is always clean, easy to shop and attractive to customers.

He rotates his endcaps monthly based on seasonal needs and sales trends. For example, in the spring, BDK Feed & Supply sells anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 chickens. During that season, endcaps house products from this niche category.

In addition to products related to raising chickens, BDK Feed & Supply sells hardware, feed, pet supplies, lumber and carports. The store is also the go-to destination for pool supplies in Blanchester.

Kingsland knows his customer base, which includes DIY and professional clients, and he is constantly looking to grow his inventory. He always considers customer requests, and typically introduces 30 to 50 new products each week.

“What’s impressive is that Darrell is always looking to grow, but he never bites off more than he can chew,” says Damian Nicholson, Bostwick-Braun regional sales manager. “Darrell has always responded to what the community needs and has grown steadily based on those demands.”

“With PRO, I can increase my buying power,” Kingsland says. “I’m always on the lookout for special promotions and discounts, and I find a lot of savings through PRO.”

Kingsland believes his company’s PRO affiliation helps the business stand out against the competition, including big-box stores. Kingsland keeps his instore displays in line with PRO circulars and makes use of PRO branding and color scheme inside and outside the store.

The store also gives back to its community. It sponsors scholarships for high school students committed to studying agriculture. Additionally, BDK contributes to fundraising efforts for local high school sports teams, 4-H students, Boy and Girl Scout troops and several other community organizations.

BDK Feed & Supply will be formally honored at the Bostwick-Braun Co. 2017 Fall Dealer Market Sept. 21-23 in Toledo.

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BDK Feed & Supply and PRO Hardware in Blanchester earned national recognition. Feed & Supply and PRO Hardware in Blanchester earned national recognition. Courtesy photo
Earns 2 national honors for service to customers, community

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