CCGS: Are you eligible for lineage societies?

By Clinton County Genealogical Society

The Clinton County Genealogical Society met on March 26 at the Clinton County History Center Meeting Room.

President Gene Snyder conducted the business meeting. Pamela Dase, secretary, read the minutes from the Feb. 26 meeting. Treasurer Ron Johnson presented the treasurer’s report for March. Karen McKenzie reminded members that she is still receiving payment of dues. Leslie Holmes reported that the next newsletter will be issued in mid-April and that the deadline for articles is April 8.

The next meeting is on April 23. Kelli Bergheimer will present “Understanding Your DNA Results.”

Kelli is a writer, a teacher and a national genealogical speaker who has presented many lectures on genealogical research and the use of DNA in genealogy. The June 25 meeting will feature a presentation on “Our Local LDS Library.”

Frances Sharp and Leslie Holmes reviewed the requirements for joining the Lineage Societies: First Families of Clinton County, Civil War Families, and Settlers and Builders Society.

First Families is open to any member of CCGS who is a direct descendant of an individual who settled in the area now encompassed by the County of Clinton by the end of 1820 may become a member of the First Families of Clinton County.

Civil War Families is open to any member of CCGS who is a direct descendant, or a collateral relative, of any person with Clinton County ties who served in the Civil War, for the Union or the Confederacy, is eligible to become a member of The Society of Civil War Families of Clinton County.

The person must have lived or died in Clinton County or served in a Clinton County unit. Service is not limited to a Clinton County outfit. “Squirrel Hunters” and “Spies,” male or female, are also eligible.

Settlers and Builders is open to all members of CCGS who are direct descendants of an individual who settled in the area now encompassed by the County of Clinton between Jan. 1, 1821 and Dec. 31, 1860.

Members may be eligible for more than one society or may join the same society more than once through different ancestors.

They recommended the use of the 1880 History of Clinton County, maps of cemeteries created by the WPA, the 1820 census, obituaries, deeds, marriage licenses, among others.

The application for Settlers and Builders and Civil War Families are available on the Clinton County Genealogical Society Website at The site also includes valuable information for beginning research. The application for First Families is available at the Genealogical Society Library in the History Center.

By Clinton County Genealogical Society