Clinton County’s people key to its future

Today’s edition of the News Journal includes a special section titled Clinton County Progress. We hope you enjoy the information and photographs it contains on local companies and organizations. In addition, there are seven News Journal staff-written stories on the fields of manufacturing, education, medical, retail, service, nonprofits and religion.

Of course, not everyone agrees on what exactly constitutes progress. It depends on one’s goals. But perhaps a working definition of progress on which most people can agree would include the general goals of happiness and well-being.

The availability of good jobs in the local area is always key. We would comment that good jobs are jobs that people like, and not simply good-paying jobs. Research has shown that people who like their jobs tend to live longer.

The presence of good education is vital. Part of a good education, we feel, is a learning environment that is student-centered.

A local landscape with varied and vigorous nonprofits can contribute mightily to our well-being and happiness. Likewise, the physical and emotional well-being of others is central in religion that is vital.

And we at the News Journal like to think that a strong source of community journalism also can play a part in a bright future for Clinton Countians.

How bright, then, is Clinton County’s future? It will depend largely on all of us.

The heart of any community is its people.