Support Woods for commissioner

I have had the honor of working with Brenda Woods as both a county commissioner and as the mayor of Wilmington. I know her to be a tireless worker for the citizens of this community. She has an understanding of local governmental operations that few people will ever possess.

As the Assistant Administrator for the county, Brenda helped lead the county through both good times and bad. She has supervised staff. She has helped craft numerous balanced budgets. She knows exactly how county government is supposed to work and she has the passion, knowledge and experience to make our county government work for us.

As my Executive Assistant for the past four years, Brenda worked with the daily operation and administration of the city of Wilmington. As the Clerk of City Council, she helped the keep the legislative process on track. However, Brenda’s skills go far beyond the important job of being a clerk. Her true strength is in governmental administration.

We are very fortunate to have Brenda running for the office of Clinton County commissioner. I urge the voters to support Brenda Woods on March 15.

Randy Riley


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