Woods has the knowledge, ability

The opportunity to serve this county during my four terms as Commissioner has been a very special honor for me. Until now I haven’t felt it was proper, as an incumbent, to recommend a candidate for commissioner. The voters should have the opportunity to elect three independent and impartial candidates to fill those elected positions. Since I have decided not to seek re-election, I think it would be appropriate to make a recommendation for the seat that I will no longer hold.

Brenda Woods has the qualifications and the ability to serve this county as your next Commissioner. She worked with the commissioners for 24 years as Clerk to the Board and as Assistant County Administrator. Brenda is currently serving as Wayne Township Fiscal Officer and also served as Executive Administrative Assistant to the Mayor. County residents contact the Commissioner’s office every day with questions and concerns. Brenda used her leadership skills to solve issues and answer questions from the public or determined if the need should be brought to the Board.

Brenda has the knowledge and ability to carry out the duties of Commissioner on day one.

Please cast your vote for Brenda Woods.

Mike Curry

Clinton County Commissioner