Good man’s service maligned

Some $50 million is being spent against former Gov. Ted Strickland to falsely distort and defame his record as governor. The drumbeat is incessant with thousands of ads. Voters are saturated with mean-spirited slander. Too many are swayed by this evil propaganda, forming misguided opinions against Mr. Strickland. They distort Ted’s years of competent service to Ohio citizens on a nonpartisan basis. They link him with Ohio losing 350,000 jobs, when in fact losses were due to the nation’s Great Recession, beyond his control. He is tagged with 8,000 jobs leaving Wilmington and DHL moving some to Kentucky. They falsely associate him with NCR leaving Dayton, as well as several other companies leaving Ohio.

Alarmists also fault Ted for depleting the state’s rainy day fund, when financial resources were being rapidly depleted by the recession. However, he tried to mitigate the devastating impact on our schools, police, fire and EMS by carefully shepherding the depleted scarce resource to provide vital lifelines to children and first responders.

The authors of these falsehoods fail to say their Republican Bush Administration put into motion economic programs that helped bring about the recession.

Ted has an extensive record of honorable service as governor, US representative, Methodist minister, institutional psychologist and chaplain. He has gained wide respect throughout Ohio. It is shameful for opposition forces to falsely defame a good man like Ted.

Please overcome this evil propaganda and support Ted Strickland’s honest campaign to become our next US senator.

William C. Lewis