A familiar state pattern

I am reluctant to write this because the blame for Wilmington losing the Amazon deal is telling. It tells of a decline in business environment and a decline in people. So the governor cut taxes to create this great business environment. Why did Amazon not see it? The other side of their coin was the workforce quality. Let’s be real here, they did not see a quality workforce and they did not see a quality environment to support a quality workforce.

I got so upset when I heard the reply from my government. The representative said despite the setback, Clinton County is resilient. Just take it Clinton County. Your government expects it.

Is Clinton County resilient or do they have low expectations for government? Why was Clinton County not prepared to employ people for Amazon? I blame the state. They got your votes without expectation and you cannot see it.

The governor cut education spending, cut taxes and is now going to see a state budget crisis because of his cuts. Which means more cuts to government services. See the pattern?

Ron Thornbury