UPDATE WITH STATS, PHOTOS: Hurricane storms Blue Lions 58-22

By Bill Liermann - WNJ Sports Writer

DJ Ames, 1, scored one of Wilmington’s touchdowns Friday night against Washington.

Gordon Cordell | News Journal

For the second straight week, Wilmington scored early in its first possession. The ensuing script was nearly the same Friday night against Washington as it was the week before at East Clinton.

The Hurricane stormed out to a 31-0 lead then cruised to a 58-22 win over Washington at Alumni Field in a South Central Ohio League matchup.

The win puts the Hurricane at 6-1 overall and 4-0 in the league. Wilmington scored early in a 42-10 win over EC last week.

Washington, after a blistering 5-0 start to the season, is now 5-2 overall and 2-2 in SCOL play.

Brady Evans threw for a pair of scores and ran for two more as Wilmington held a 58-22 lead.

Adam Phelps had two rushing touchdowns and DJ Ames ran for another as the Hurricane ground attack was effective most of the night.

Tony Merritt and Matt Smith caught Evans passes for touchdowns. Merritt also rushed for a touchdown.

Dylan Beaugard returned to the lineup and was a presence on defense, intercepting two passes.

It was Evans to Merritt on the first official play of the game for Wilmington. The Hurricane were penalized on the previous play.

Washington’s Jarett Patton also returned to the lineup. He had three passing touchdowns in the first three quarters. Kory Proby caught two touchdown passes in the first half.

In the second half, Dillon Steward also had a 52-yard catch and run for a touchdown in the third quarter.

Washington had four turnovers on the night.

Early in the fourth quarter, Wilmington made a defensive stand, stopping Washington from the 1 on three straight plays.

However, the Blue Lions forced a turnover when the Hurricane offense took possession. With the ball at the 7, the Blue Lions were once again thwarted by the WHS defense.

Wilmington answered as its high-octane offense continued to click on all cylinders. Merritt made it a two-touchdown night with a 35-yard run at the 8:10 mark. Wilmington led 51-22.

Evans went 58 yards on a keeper on the next Hurricane possession to make it 58-22.

Andrew Mayne had a fumble recovery for Wilmington.


October 8, 2016

@Alumni Field

Wilmington 58 Washington 22



First quarter

WI-Merritt 57 pass from Evans (Henry kick)

WI-Henry 30 field goal

WI-Phelps 32 run (Henry kick)

WI-Evans 66 run (Henry kick)

Second quarter

WI-Ames 10 run (Henry kick)

WA-Proby 6 pass form Patton (Rice run)

WA-Proby 15 pass from Patton (Pass failed)

WI-Phelps 7 run (Henry kick)

Third quarter

WA-Steward 52 pass from Proby (Steward run)

WI-Smith 41 pass from Evans (Henry kick)

Fourth quarter

WI-Merritt 35 pass from Evans (Conversion failed)

WI-Evans 58 run (Henry run)

Team statistics


Yards – 375 rushing, 244 passing, 619 total; Turnovers – 1 fumble lost; Penalties – 12 for 86


Yards – 127 rushing, 257 passing, 384 total: Turnovers – 3 interceptions; Penalties – 9 for 102

Individual statistics

RUSHING: WIL-Phelps 21-174, Evans 9-144, Ames 6-35, Merritt 3-22; WASH-Rice 29-123, Steward 2-4, Proby 1-0

PASSING: WIL-Evans 12-21, 244 yards, 3 TD; WASH-Patton 11-30, 162 yards, 2 TD, 3 INT; Proby 4-13, 95 yards, 1 TD

RECEIVING: WIL-Merritt 6-127, Smith 2-51, Beaugard 2-45, Phelps 2-21; WASH-Steward 3-92, No. 6 4-79, Proby 6-73, Foster 1-15, Rice 1-(-2)

DJ Ames, 1, scored one of Wilmington’s touchdowns Friday night against Washington.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2016/10/web1_FB7_wil_amesGC-2.jpgDJ Ames, 1, scored one of Wilmington’s touchdowns Friday night against Washington. Gordon Cordell | News Journal

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By Bill Liermann

WNJ Sports Writer

Bill Liermann covers high school sports for the News Journal. Follow him on Twitter @lierjet

Bill Liermann covers high school sports for the News Journal. Follow him on Twitter @lierjet