SBAAC POY: Boegeman has growing passion for cars

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a series of features on Clinton County athletes who earned SBAAC player of the year honors in their respective sports during the fall season.

Even in today’s world, there are far fewer female auto mechanics than male ones.

And while Leah Boegeman isn’t expecting to be a mechanic full-time, she isn’t opposed to working on her own vehicles.

”I’m still learning when it comes to mechanical things,” said Boegeman, a senior at Blanchester High School. “I could talk about cars all day long. I drive a purple, sparkly car. I got into cars initially because my sister was (involved) but my boyfriend and I have bonded over the topic and we just don’t get bored of it.

“We go to car meets and look at what other people have done to their cars and just stand around and talk for hours, everyone sharing different stories and information. I like learning about how to work on my car because that way I can fix it myself and I don’t need to go to a shop to get something fixed. Any and all cars are interesting in some way or another.”

Boegeman earned the SBAAC National Division Girls Tennis Player of the Year honor this fall. She has earned two straight first-team all-league tennis awards and is the second straight BHS player to be the top player in the division.

”I remember last year when our first singles (Maddy Coyle) won player of the year and I thought it was so cool because she was so talented at tennis,” Boegeman said. “Next thing I knew I was the one receiving the award so it was really gratifying to see how far my progress had come.”

Boegeman’s improvement on the court was aided greatly by her work off the court.

“I am an avid gym go-er and I love weight lifting,” said Boegeman. “This was a hobby I picked up around the time I started playing tennis (sophomore year) and I have gotten more serious about it over the past year. I have never felt more in shape and working out allows me to better know my limits to help avoid injuries. It is a therapy like no other. I love going to the gym. It has become the highlight of my day.”

Cars remain a passion, though, for Boegeman who will likely major in chemical engineering and try-out for the club tennis team at the University of Cincinnati.

“My sister has always been a huge role model for me and as we got closer throughout the years she started taking me with her to car shows and that was just another thing we bonded over,” Boegeman said.

Boegeman said she has always excelled in math and her “amazing” teacher, Mrs. Andrea Harpen, has helped her recently develop a love for chemistry.

”I’m still unsure as to what I plan to pursue after graduation,” she said. “To be honest I haven’t really looked into it. I just know that I really do have a passion for math and science and I want those subjects to be a big part of my career.”