Blanchester man faces two charges

Blanchester Police have charged a Blanchester man with misdemeanor Sexual Imposition and Disorderly Conduct. Arrested was Roger Figart, 65, of North Columbus Street.

According to BPD Chief Scott Reinbolt, in late May a mother of a 15-year-old girl reported that her daughter had been touched inappropriately by a man. “I commend the young lady for doing the right thing by telling her mother what happened,” Reinbolt said.

An investigation was opened and was assigned to Ptl. James Beckelhymer, who spent the next several weeks gathering evidence, speaking with numerous individuals in the neighborhood and interviewing the suspect. During the course of the investigation, Beckelhymer learned that another girl, age 13, had suffered a similar experience with the same suspect on an earlier date, Reinbolt said.

Based upon the evidence gathered, the two charges were filed against Figart, Reinbolt said. The Sexual Imposition charge alleges that Figart touched the 15-year-old inappropriately for the purpose of sexual gratification while she was present at his home with other children in May. The Disorderly Conduct charge alleges that Figart created a condition that was physically offensive to the 13-year-old while she was present at his home with other children in January.

Figart was issued a summons requiring his appearance in the Clinton County Municipal Court to answer the charges. He has no prior criminal record.