Clinton County weddings for June

WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage report from the Clinton County Probate Court for June 1-30. The report includes the name of those married, their address, age and occupation. The Wilmington News Journal also offers free wedding and engagement announcements. To submit an announcement, email the text of the announcement and a photo to [email protected] For more information about announcements, call 937-382-2574 and ask for the newsroom, ext. 4119.

Michael Rodenhauser, 49, dialysis technician, and Lori Jeffrey, 50, registered nurse, both of Wilmington.

Rodney Thompson, 38, self-employed, and Kendra McCoy, 32, student, both of Blanchester.

Robert Moore, 26, firefighter, and Tiffany McCann, 23, food service manager, both of Wilmington.

Eric Miller, 24, lineman, and Shania Gudorf, 19, student, both of Wilmington.

John Walker, 25, State of Ohio employee, and Renee Kelley, 22, sales rep, both of Wilmington.

David McClure, 46, tool maker, and Terri Frick, 46, bartender, both of Sabina.

Travis Wells, 24, general manager, and Krista Vondenberger, 26, teacher, both of Wilmington.

Larry Waddell, 29, service employee, and Stephanie Zurface, 25, phlebotomist, both of Midland.

Michael Pruitt, 39, maintenance employee, of Wilmington, and Heather Hoffman, 38, office assistant, of Blanchester.

Paul Figart, 63, customer service, of Blanchester, and Connie Osborn, 64, patient registration, of Wilmington.

Jeremiah Vinup, 25, construction employee, and Brooke Sargent, 21, sourcing specialist, both of Wilmington.

Derrick Combs, 31, digital support technician, and Beth Ervin, 26, bartender, both of Wilmington.

Kyle Yancey, 22, fork lift operator, and Kayla Goble, 20, both of New Vienna.

Joseph Huseby, 21, military member, of Lynchburg, and Trisha Carpenter, 21, veterinary technician, of Wilmington.

Jason Bullock, 45, of Pleasant Plain, and Nicole Malott, 45, of Wilmington.

Nolan Musselman, 28, sales employee, and Laura Maerean, 24, billing employee, both of Wilmington.

Jeffrey McMahon, 61, factory worker, and Teresa Sanderson, 59, accounting, both of Sabina.

Michael Grubb, 28, mechanic, and Danielle Suttles, 29, both of Midland.

Mark Thornton, 41, machine maintenance, of Midland, Leslie Hodge, 40, legal assistant, of Wilmington.

Benjamin Henize, 20, material handler, of Wilmington, Holly Day, 19, babysitter, of Midland.

Christopher Russell, 38, AK Steel employee, and Angela Howard, 39, administrator, both of Blanchester.

Brandon Arehart, 23, student, of Wilmington, and Kristin Bingley, 26, manager, of Hilliard.

Chad Fields, 25, teacher, and McKenzie Maxwell, 25, nurse, both of Wilmington.

John Watkins, 39, truck driver, and Elaine Peck, 33, nanny, both of Clarksville.

Daniel Mosley, 58, and Debra Stollings, 59, both of Blanchester.

Timothy White, 22, manager, of Knox City, Texas, and Jessie Mass, 22, of Wilmington.

Albert Waln, 70, and Cheryl Morris, 58, both of Wilmington.

Rodney Hines, 41, aircraft mechanic, and Loretta McDowell, 41, both of Wilmington.

James Hurst, 28, self-employed, of Blanchester, and Ashley Ledford, 23, auditor, of Maineville.

William Highlander, 33, subcontractor, and Cynthia Harrison, 34, subcontractor, both of Wilmington.

Donald Coomer, 24, cashier, and Alexa Conger, 20, cashier, both of Wilmington.

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