Sabina: To zone or not to zone?

Sabina residents have heard much about the proposed zoning ordinance. The private group claiming to have authored it (they didn’t) includes two council hopefuls, two current council members, and a selected handful of Sabina residents. It is not supported by four of six current council members or the cayor. It excludes area business and membership invitations were only offered to certain individuals.

The ordinance has been presented as something that will clean up the town, that is “In your best interest”, and something that will regulate land use. I have yet to hear of a supporter of this ordinance presenting it as something that should be read before you vote for it.

Personally, I like to make sure of what I’m signing. You wouldn’t agree to a car loan without knowing the interest rate. Why would you agree to a document this critical without knowing what it will cost you?

The group behind this was given six months (ending in October) to present a viable solution to Mayor Hawk. Instead, the group went behind our elected officials and against a mayoral decision and in two months came up with the proposed ordinance. Not an incredible feat when you consider how they did it and the end result. It is a poorly done “cut and paste” of the Clinton County Zoning Resolution. It was not written for, and does not fit, Sabina.

Starting on page 69, you will see reference to high rises, townhouses, garden apartments, country clubs, hospitals, and stadiums. I’ve spent most of my 47 years here. Not one of these things are present in Sabina, nor (given the restrictions in the ordinance) could be.

On page 12, you will see this sentence. “A zoning/land use permit shall not be issued for those uses requiring the site plan approval process as outlined in Article 5…”. On page 57, you will see “Article 5: Signs”. In the original that this was poorly built from, Article 5, listed on page 68, is “Site Plan Review”. Referring back to the ordinance that was forced onto the ballot, there is no Site Plan Review listed in the table of contents… let alone as Article 5. Just one more thing wrong with the proposed ordinance.

I urge all Sabina citizens to read the proposed ordinance very carefully. Look at what it does not say as well as what it does. The ordinance is available for review at the Village Municipal Building and the original it was taken from, on the County Engineer’s web site.

Thank you for your time and attention

James Mongold