Portman defends, strengthens US manufacturing

From foreign nations manipulating their currency, to the Chinese dumping steel into the United States, American manufacturers have been left to fend for themselves on the global market. It is an unfair playing field.

Foreign nations freely manipulate their currency to keep the price of their manufactured goods down. China dumps over 100 million tons of steel – more than the U.S. even produces – into the global markets, at prices well the below the costs to produce steel.

As the President of the Wilmington City Council and an active member of our community, I know that this issue is not just a national issue. It also has affected our town.

Something has to be done about these hurtful tactics. Senator Rob Portman has been doing his very best to combat these issues, and for that we should all be grateful.

Senator Portman has been one of the leading voices against currency manipulation and steel dumping. In May, Senator Portman testified in front of the International Trade Committee. As a result, the ITC has issued anti-dumping duty orders on imports from China and several other countries.

These are problems that can be fixed.

With strong leadership in Congress, like the leadership provided by Senator Portman, our international trade laws can be strengthened and enforced to promote American manufacturing.

The benefits will be felt nationwide and also right here in Wilmington, Ohio.

Randy Riley