Falcons unseat Panthers atop SCOL wrestling perch

HILLSBORO – Miami Trace entered Saturday’s final South Central Ohio League wrestling championships as winners of 14 of the last 16 titles.

So it probably wouldn’t be presumptuous for the Panthers to think they’d ride off into the SCOL wrestling sunset with the 2017 trophy.

However, Clinton-Massie rode that horse out of town. The Falcons will forever sit atop the SCOL wrestling perch by winning the final league crown. Miami Trace finished second.

“It’s pretty awesome. Our kids stayed steady and we got the pins and bonus points that add up in the tournament,” CM head coach Spencer Running said. “This is our last year in the SCOL with the league splitting up. It’s nice to come in and win the last SCOL title in wrestling. That’s something special for us.”

Seven Falcons reached championship matches, with Matt Asher (113), Blake Seaman (120), Anthony Tissandier (170) and Sam Brothers (220) having their arms raised in victory at the end. Asher and Tissandier are now two-time league champs. Zack Dillow (138), Robbie Frederick (145), Cody Collingham (182) notched runner-up finishes.

Two other Falcons reached their consolation finals, which Nathan Allgyer (126) and Ross Lennon (152) both won for third-place.

Massie also won the league in 2010.

The Hurricane finished fourth. R.J. Tolliver (182), who defeated Clinton-Massie’s Collingham, led the way with his first SCOL wrestling title. Isaac Allen (160) finished runner-up to East Clinton’s Thomas Wright. Noah Stirr (138) and Connor Barton (285) won their consolation matches. Trent Holliday finished fourth in the 132-pound class.

“We have a pretty young freshman and sophomore squad. We’re still building there. Some of our older guys we expect to do well the next couple weeks ended about how we thought they would today,” WHS head coach Kelly Tolliver said.

East Clinton finished sixth. Wright’s title is the first in school history, according to Astros head coach Doug Stehlin. Austin Brock (132) and Christian Stone (195) finished runner-up. Brayden Esposito (106) won his consolation match. Matt Horn took fourth place in the 126-pound class.

“We brought nine guys, and I’m pretty pleased with five placers,” Stehlin said. “Especially having three in the finals for first, I’m real happy with that.”

Washington Senior finished third. Hillsboro finished fifth. McClain and Chillicothe finished seventh and eighth, respectively.


February 18, 2017

SCOL Wrestling Championship

@Hillsboro High School

Team Scores

Clinton-Massie 159 Miami Trace 121.5 Washington 121 Wilmington 85.5 Hillsboro 84 East Clinton 58 McClain 55.5 Chillicothe 45

Individual weight classes

106: Brayden Esposito (EC) was dec by Eastes (Wi) 15-3; dec Lane (Wa) 12-2. Finished third.

106: Sam Eastes (Wi) dec Esposito (EC) 15-3; was pinned by Duffy (MT) 1:36. Finished second.

113: Matt Asher (CM) pinned George (Wa) 3:28; pinned Puckett (MT) 0:18; pinned Smith (GM) 0:40. Finished first

113: Cameron Smart (Wi) was dec by Smith (GM) 20-4; was dec by George (Wa) 10-8. Did not place.

120: Blake Seaman (CM) pinned Gandee (MT) 1:30; pinned Garcia (Ch) 2:34; pinned Immel (GM) 3:50. Finished first

120: Dominic Davidson (Wi) was dec by Clay (Wa) 14-3; was pinned by Garcia (Ch) 2:47. Did not place.

126: Matt Horn (EC) was pinned by Thomas (Wa) 3:15; was pinned by Allgyer (CM) 2:44. Did not place.

126: Nathan Allgyer (CM) was dec by Pierce (Wi) 4-3; pinned Horn (EC) 2:44. Finished third

126: Jordan Pierce (Wi) dec Allgyer (CM) 4-3; was dec by Thomas (Wa) 7-5. Finished second.

132: Austin Brock (EC) dec Wilkerson (Wa) 8-0; was pinned by Hughes (MT) 0:36. Finished second.

132: Trent Holliday (Wi) was pinned by Wilkerson (Wa) 3:40; dec Rumpke (H) 10-3; was pinned by Wilkerson (Wa) 4:34. Finished fourth.

138: Brandon Wheeler (EC) was pinned by Rawlins (GM) 0:50; was pinned by Stirr (Wi) 0:42. Did not place.

138: Noah Stirr (Wi) was pinned by Dillow (CM) 3:01; pinned Wheeler (EC) 0:42; dec Bieler (H) 7-2. Finished third.

138: Zack Dillow (CM) pinned Baughn (Wa) 0:30; pinned Stirr (Wi) 3:01; was pined by Rawlins (GM) 5:49. Finished second.

145: Jacob Martin (Wi) was pinned by Nelson (Wa) 0:35; was pinned by Wilkin (H) 0:46. Did not place.

145: Robbie Frederick (CM) dec Wilkin (H) 6-4; was pinned by Nelson (Wa) 5:53. Finished second.

152: Ross Lennon (CM) was dec by Waters (GM) 9-4; pinned DePew (Ch) 3:18; dec Morgan (EC) 5-4; pinned Covault (H) 2:39. Finished third.

152: Noah Morgan (EC) was dec by Moore (MT) 16-0; was dec by Lennon (CM) 5-4. Did not place.

160: Isaac Allen (Wi) dec Speaks (CM) 15-0; pinned Stanley (H) 3:31; lost by disqualification to Wright (EC). Finished second.

160: Brock Speaks (CM) was dec by Allen (Wi) 15-0; won by default over Stewart (Wa); was pinned by Munro (MT) 1:53. Did not place.

160: Thomas Wright (EC) pinned Immel (GM) 0:51; dec Munro (MT) 11-5; won by disqualification over Allen (Wi). Finished first.

171: Anthony Tissandier (CM) dec Cline (EC) 14-2; pinned Brown (Wa) 1:41; pinned Hilliard (C) 4:38. Finished first.

171: John Cline (EC) was dec by Tissandier (CM) 14-2; won by forfeit over Wilmington; was dec by Anders (MT) 9-6. Did not place.

182: RJ Tolliver (Wi) pinned Erslan (C) 1:36; dec Miller (H) 8-2; dec Collingham (CM) 6-3. Finished first.

182: DJ Perry (EC) was dec by Miller (H)( 17-3; was pinned by Erslan (C) 0:24. Did not place.

182: Cody Collingham (CM) dec Tinkler (MT) 10-4; was dec by Tolliver (Wi) 6-3. Finished second.

195: Braxton Greene (CM) was pinned by Fenner (MT); was dec by Adkins (H) 9-0. Did not place.

195: Christian Stone (EC) dec Adkins (H) 4-2; was pinned by Fenner (MT) 2:28. Finished second.

220: Sam Brothers (CM) dec Maxson (C) 10-2; pinned Conn (H) 5:15. Finished first.

285: Austin Hamilton (CM) was pinned by Hicks (Wa) 0:22; was pinned by Wolffe (MT) 0:34. Did not place.

285: Conner Barton (Wi) was pinned by Wolffe (MT) 2:51; dec Colley (C) 2-1; dec Wolffe (MT) 2-0. Finished third.

Photo by Chris Hoppes
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