The 30th Class of Leadership Clinton held its first class of the new year on Thursday, Jan. 19. Special thanks to the United Methodist Church for hosting the entire day.

The day started with creating impromptu press releases by each of the class members. Following was a group project in which class members were asked to role play as if they were member of a board, making decisions on a difficult situation. Additional special thanks to Rev. Dean Feldmeyer for his part in this project.

Following lunch, two speakers presented information to the class. The first speaker was Brad Reynolds, Executive Director of Ohio Living Cape May. He presented on issues facing entities as it relates to social media, both internally and externally.

The second speaker was Dr. James Boland from Wilmington College. The class was entertained with a presentation as well as demonstration of conflict management/resolution.

Wrapping up the day, the class participated in an exercise in time management. Each member was given various tasks in which they must prioritize as well as plan how to handle, all while under a time constraint and with added interruptions.

By Leadership Clinton