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85th Hadley-Bevan family reunion held


The 85th Hadley-Bevan reunion was held Sept. 16 at the home of Bruce and Adrianne Bevan. President Hesperia Bevan welcomed everyone and thanked the host and hostess for their hospitality.

The blessing before the bountiful meal was given by Bruce Bevan. After the meal everyone introduced themselves and told of their Hadley or Bevan ancestor.

The roll call was answered by six from the Archibald Hadley family; eight from the Emmett Bevan family; no one from the Frank Bevan family; and nine from the Orlando Bevan family.

Dan and Dee Bevan from Circleville had traveled the farthest. Hesperia Bevan was the oldest family member present, and Ronan Bevan, son of Andrew and Rebecca Bevan was the youngest at 10 weeks.

Marriages, births and four deaths were announced.

Those present included Rick Probasco, Sherry and Loren Stuckert, Dan and Dee Bevan from Circleville, Chuck and Charlie Stuckert, Scott and Cindy Hagemeyer, Karen and John Bernard from Washington Court House, Lonnie Stuckert and daughter Lucille (Lucy), Mel Hagemeyer from Lebanon, Andrew and Rebecca Bevan from Miamisburg, Hesperia Bevan, Bruce and Adrianne Bevan, and Bob and Judy Sargent.

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