Giving back to Wilmington schools

Dear Hurricane Alumni,

As a member of the class of 1975, I am so proud to be an alumni of the Wilmington City Schools! How blessed we were to grow up in a small town where opportunities were ours for the taking. And how fortunate we were to be able to attend a school system that prepared us for the road ahead.

As you know, many schools are struggling for funding and so many have had to cut budgets to the point where education suffers. It is up to us to make sure our school is not put in this position.

Many years ago, Mary Katheryn Hilberg had the vision to establish a foundation for the Wilmington City Schools. She realized that many teachers were funding projects out of their own pockets or were unable to offer some opportunities for students because the funding was not available. She knew that reaching out to alumni would lessen the burden on our teachers and our school district. The Wilmington Schools Foundation is still in existence today and continues to give generously to teachers & staff every year!

Some of the most recent projects funded by the Wilmington Schools foundation included face masks for teachers, virtual goggles for virtual learning, science equipment not covered by the district, updated books in the school libraries, a new greenhouse at Denver School which is maintained by the special needs classes, sensory rooms at each of our buildings, iPads for the high school library, flexible seating at the elementary buildings, and fieldtrips both in and out of the school buildings.

I believe in giving back to the organizations that had a positive impact on my life. I hope that by giving, another student will learn, achieve, and someday give back to our community and our schools. That’s why I am writing to you today…

As an alumni of Wilmington City Schools, I would like to offer you the opportunity to give back to your hometown schools. You too can be a part of our Wilmington Schools Foundation! There are many ways to give…

• You can give a one-time cash donation by sending your check to The Wilmington Schools Foundation, 341 S. Nelson Ave., Wilmington, OH 45177

• Give a recurring gift through payroll deduction at your place of employment

• Give a recurring gift by credit card, just go online to and select the Make a Foundation Donation Online button on the Wilmington City Schools website

• Give a one-time online gift by going online to and select the Make a Foundation Donation Online button

• Ask us to add you to our mailing list to receive reminders when we are fundraising! You can also consider volunteering for one of our campaign events to helps us raise money for the Foundation.

Giving to the Wilmington Schools Foundation is a wonderful way to support our schools, our teachers, and our school’s staff members. Please give — let them know you care!

Thank you for your support.

Joni Streber is a member of the Wilmington Schools Foundation Board of Trustees.

By Joni Streber

Guest columnist