It’s already a failed presidency


In just a few months after taking over the White House, the president has already undone all of the important things the former president did for the American people — revoking 40+ of President Trump’s executive orders — as he promised during the 2016 election campaign … and now what do we have?

Crisis after crisis after crisis: The southern border disaster, a potential severe economic problem with excessive debt and rising inflation; no longer energy independent with the cancelling of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project and the loss of thousands of key jobs; the war-like scenario in the Middle East that was totally handled and peace agreements established by our former president; little if any support for our wonderful law enforcement organizations; the president continues to push forward massive multi-trillion dollar spending plans to Congress; continuous stimulus checks that have contributed to massive unemployment numbers – people like the free money vs having to work for it; total confusion with regard to the pandemic and “to wear a mask or to not wear a mask?”; interest rates certainly on the uptick; the word “infrastructure” now relates to almost anything, per the Left; racism is every other word in a Democrat conversation — the Biden Administration continues to state that America is systemically racist; serious talk by the Left to “pack the Supreme Court” with four more liberal judges; continued undermining of the Electoral College; stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. It has been stated that the first 100 days of the Biden Administration are perhaps the “most radical” in our history.

One could certainly say, I think, that Biden’s policies have contributed to a potential humanitarian, health and security crisis that puts both Americans and immigrants at risk. The Left does not seem to put “America First”, the often-stated mantra by President Trump. Undoing all of the positive things that President Trump did for this country and the people does not seem to be in the Democrats’ playbook, so there will be crisis after crisis created by the administration based on their most recent performance.

George R. Cook


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