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Editorial: Celebrate your right to vote by being ready to cast your Aug. 2 primary ballot


A recent editorial by the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Our nation rests on a democracy revolutionary in its conception, that the people’s voice matters, that “We the People” are the supreme authorities, and that the national bonds, trust and shared purpose that derived from such a democracy would lift us across the centuries.

As it has, even as We the People perfected our founding documents to make them more genuinely equitable and inclusive.

Upon one key right much of our democracy rests — the right to vote. And right after Independence Day this year comes the July 5 deadline for Ohioans to register to vote in Aug. 2 state legislative primaries. And on July 6, early voting begins — even though many Ohioans may not even know what their Ohio House and Senate districts are, since the legislative maps were imposed by order of a federal judicial panel after Ohio’s redistricting process failed to produce constitutional maps in time.

Yet even with all the ensuing confusion over candidate filings and all the other unsatisfactory aspects of a failed redistricting process, this is a moment to stride into the polling place and make a choice, to not let the process defeat the purpose. The Ohio secretary of state’s office has“find my district” features and maps here: https://www.ohiosos.gov/elections/ohio-candidates/district-maps/.

So find your districts. Look up the candidates on your local county board of elections website. Make sure your registration is up-to-date Tuesday. And vote, starting Wednesday. It’s a right our Glorious Fourth wrought. It’s a right worth exercising.

— Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 3