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Throwback Thursday: Voted ’Typical Farm Family’


These are some highlights from the News Journal on July 14, 1943:


‘American Take Two Sicilian Airports; Big Guns of American Warships Blaze Path for Gen. Patton’s Surging Seventh Army’

“ALLIED HEADQUARTERS IN NORTH AFRICA (AP) — The American Seventh Army has captured Comiso and Ponte Olivo, two of the enemy’s 10 main Sicilian air bases, and made a 15-mile advance upon Agrigento where large Axis forces have been massing for counterattack.”

‘Canned Goods To Be Scarcer’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — The civilian population was asked today to get along with less canned goods and simpler clothing. The War Food Administration (WFA) allocated to civilians 70 percent of next year’s canned vegetables and soups and 53 percent of the prospective fruits and juices


‘City Plunged Into Darkness Over Two Hours; Team Killed; Streets Are Flooded; Crops Damaged’

“A severe electrical storm and drenching rain caused considerable damage in Wilmington and Clinton County late Tuesday afternoon and plunged much of the county into darkness for over two hours when two loops of the Dayton Power & Light Company were broken.”

“… A team of horses owned by Richard Van Vuren was struck by lightning and killed near Clarksville. Lightning set a wheat chock afire, struck several trees and damaged some electrical appliances in the county.

• Blanchester Boy Scouts were set to attend camp in Yellow Springs: William Brown, Buddy Brown, Harry Hall, Richard Johnston, Allan Wojcinski, Paul High, Ed Cooper, Joseph Dewey, Eugene Satterfield, Jimmy Joe Smith, Robert Magill, Danny Garrison, Richard Dewey, Lewis Shank, Ronald Tucker, Eugene Lucas, Pat McCoy, Cooper Snyder, Lloyd Cramer, Eugene Cramer, Max Taylor, Walter Putman and Robert Brunn.

• Chester Ladies Aid met at the home of Mrs. A.Z. Hartsock with Mrs. Lavinia Morris, Mrs. Dan Gillam and Mrs. Raymond Stingley serving as hostesses.

• Showing at the Lamax Theatre were Roy Rogers in “King of the Cowboys” and Smiley Burnette in “Idaho.” Coming soon were Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi in “Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.”

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