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Friends of Library to debut ‘free book room’


WILMINGTON — The Friends of the Library is opening a “free book room” on Monday, Aug. 1. All materials are free; however, donations are gladly accepted.

The door to the area is to the left of the Wilmington Public Library front desk. An official opening will be scheduled at a later date. Jim Hayslip is creating a logo to go above the door.

Jim presided over the Friends of the Library monthly meeting July 20. Joe Knueven, Director of the Wilmington Public Library, and Mike Wells, Director of the Wilmington College Library, were in attendance, as were Friends of the Library members Judy Elam, Dorothy Henry, Kathy Kral, Bob Risinger and Ann Kuehn. Kathy Kral gave the treasurer’s report which was accepted as read.

Of immediate concern is the continued excess of books. The Wilmington Library needs additional space, therefore the basement room presently used will be divided into a smaller section to hold donated and recirculated library materials.

The next meeting is Aug. 23; meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month.

We encourage new members — the only criteria being a love of reading.

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