Real estate transfers released

This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Cleveland Grooms to Endurance Capital Management LLC, 494 Cumberland Rd, Clark Township, $70,000.

Margaret A. Harbert to Linda S. Madison 1/3 INT, Sandra Ann Petrulionius 1/3 INT, and David E. Harbert Jr 1/3 INT, 269 Virginia Cir., Wilmington.

Ansel and Lola L Harlow *SD to Lola L. Harlow, 281 McJunkin Rd., Marion Township.

Mary L. Pflanzer to Mary L. Pflanzer, Donald B. and Nicole J. Doyle, 385 S. South St., Wilmington.

Brad Cochran Farms LLC to Cochran Rental Holdings Co. LLC, 4000 Glady Rd. and 3980 Glady Rd., both in Clark Township.

Benjamin I. Hester and Daphne D. Reeves Hester *SD to Benjamin J. Hester and Daphne D. Reeves FRLT, 7263 S. SR 134, Clark Township, 7217 S. SR 134, Clark Township, and 960 W. Locust St., Wilmington.

JWS and ARS *SD to Jacob R. an Shannon Barnes *SD, 383 Sycamore Rd., Jefferson Township, $330,000.

Michael Ellis Farm Trust *LE to Michael S. and Catherine J. Mason, 229 Main St., Port William, $12,000.

Robert D. Cockrell to Joshua Ray and Anthony Robert Cockrell, 79 Sherman St., Sabina.

Joshua Ray and Anthony Robert Cockrell to Joshua Ray Cockrell, 79 Sherman St., Sabina, $40,000.

Jodie Rudduck to Corbert John Hollon, 1994 Frazier Rd, Jefferson Township, $40,000.

Beth Marie Rice to Patrick and Brenda Haley, 1447 Meadow Ridge Cir., Wilmington, $300,000.

TLeach Properties to TLeach Properties LLC, 105 Bourbon St., Blanchester, 111 Bourbon St., Blanchester, 113 Bourbon St., Blanchester, 103 Bourbon St., Blanchester, 107 Bourbon St., Blanchester, 204 S. Broadway St., Blanchester, and 216 Broadway St., Blanchester.

Mary Lisa Whitehead 1/2 INT and Danny Bruce Anderson 1/2 INT to Mary Lisa and Jonathan C. Whitehad 1/2 INT *SD and Danny Bruce Anderson 1/2 INT, 231 Grove St., Wilmington.

Michael T. Daugherty Sr. and Wendy Jo Daugherty to Wendy Jo Daugherty, 471 Ogden Rd., Adam Township.

Judy Richard, Joey M. Abney, and Rhonda L. Abney *SD to Rhonda L. and Joey Abeny, 119 W. Fancy St., Blanchester, $110,500.

Travis J. Stroman to We Said Yes to the Mess LLC, 303 Charles St., Blanchester, $18,800.

Kimberly Cress to Edward G. Cress Jr., 115 Fawley Rd., Midland, $200,000.

Brooke Sweeney to Tonia Stitzel, 4507 W. SR 350, Vernon Township, $250,000.

James D. 50/100 INT and Sheila D. Harris 50/100 INT to James D. Harris, 3019 Hale Rd., Chester Township.

Richard C. and Pamela L. Hollen to Richard C. Hollen, 50 Hormell Rd., Chester Township.

Darlene M. White to Darlene M. White and Belinda M. Geier *SD, 530 Wright St., Blanchester.