EMA: Extreme cold heading to county

WILMINGTON — Extreme cold is heading to Clinton County this Christmas.

The Clinton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) sent out an email advising locals to prep themselves for weather the agency describes as “life-threatening extreme cold intrusion that will impact” the area between late Thursday and Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to drop below zero early on Friday before sunrise, according to the EMA, and will continue to remain in the single digits through the day. Wind chills are expected to drop to zero by 10 a.m. on Friday and drop “to the negative teens” Friday night into Saturday.

In the email, the EMA advises residents to prepare for the cold and the “potential for winter precipitation.” It asks locals to check their household preparations in the event of a power outrage during the time.

“We are still several days away from weather impact, so times and threats can still adjust,” the email says.

The EMA advises locals to prepare their homes to keep the cold out with insulation, caulking and weather stripping. It also advises to learn how to keep pipes from freezing, test smoke alarms, and keep people’s specific needs in mind — including medication.

For road safety, the EMA highlighted the weather can make non-serious accidents “exponentially more dangerous” because of the expected cold and precipitation. The EMA advises it be taken seriously and have an emergency kit in the vehicle. These would be used to help keep folks warm and safe in case of an accident.

The emergency vehicle kit should consist of jumper cables, flare or reflective triangles, an ice scraper, a car cellphone charger, a blanket, a map, and traction pads or cat litter for better tire traction.

The EMA advises preparing the house in case a road accident causes a power outage in rural areas.

“If you have a reliance on electrically powered devices, check your alternate power plan and reach out to your contact with Council on Aging or home health provider for more information,” the EMA states.

For more information about the weather and further preparation ideas, visit the EMA’s website cc-ema.org.