A small act of kindness

WILMINGTON — A local teacher is hoping her small act of kindness helps and inspires others.

Jane Taylor, Wilmington Middle School’s art teacher, recently crafted over 20 teddy bears and donated them to Wilmington Hope House.

Taylor told the News Journal she was on medical leave for a couple of weeks and became inspired to do the project from a blog she follows.

“I’m a fervent follower of Wendi Gratz’s blog, ‘Shiny Happy World.’ She put out a pattern for those bears. She recommended using them for charity or however they wanted,” said Taylor. “I showed a few friends and asked who in Wilmington could use them. Some said Hope House.”

She didn’t know much about Hope House so she researched it. When she read its mission statement, Taylor was inspired by the work they had done for women and children.

“I was particularly inspired that they have open arms for all kinds of people in a crunch or emergency. So many of us are sometimes one accident away from needing that help and we wonder if someone is there, so it’s wonderful,” she said.

According to the Hope House’s website, its mission is “to welcome as Christ welcomed women and accompanying children in need.” It’s a safe haven for women in a variety of circumstances — whether it’s not meeting the requirements for the homeless shelter or needing an emergency shelter.

Taylor is happy to have done it and hopes this brings a little joy to someone.

“I know it won’t solve some of their problems but it’s always nice to do little acts of kindness,” she said.