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Rotary Club supports Habitat for Humanity mission


During the April Habitat for Humanity Board meeting, Fadi Al-Ghawi, a Rotarian and a HFH board member, presented a $500 check to the board of directors to support their mission in building homes for the less fortunate in Clinton County.

The affiliate has been building two homes a year and providing them to approved deserving families that are selected by the board from several applications that are submitted to the affiliate each year. The family selection committee utilizes several guidelines and criteria for the applicants to make the final selections, and only few makes the final cut.

Then, the committee will present their selection to the board for final approval, and those who are approved will be on the waiting list. This may take a year or two before getting a home. Homes are built in the county based on availability of lots and choices for either the city or villages that approved families would like to live in.

The homes are built by many volunteers and through the support of individuals, businesses, and the community. Selected partner families must assist in the construction of the homes as part of their sweat equities. The family that gets a home will have free interest mortgage to pay the loan back to Habitat. Payments are established based on their income level and the final cost of the home.

Members of the board of Habitat would like to extend their sincere appreciations for all who have made these homes a blessing for those who could not afford one.