2 arrested for allegedly disrupting council meeting

WILMINGTON — Two were arrested for allegedly disrupting the Wilmington City Council meeting Thursday night.

Darrell Petrey, 42, of Clarksville, and Tony Thomas, 52, of Wilmington, were arrested by police and charged with disrupting a lawful meeting, a misdemeanor offense.

The arrests came during the public comment section when the two subjects were heard making comments directed at Wilmington Mayor John Stanforth. Among the comments made included claims that Stanforth owed “$1,500 in school taxes” and that he “aided in the whitewash murder of two Clinton County residents.”

Petrey claimed he was going to “sue the heck out of you guys” as he was being escorted out.

The two have continuously accused Stanforth and city officials of alleged misconduct, corruption, and not providing information in relation to the death of Casey Pitzer.

In March 2013, the body of Casey L. Pitzer, 32, was discovered in a retention pond around SR 73 and US 22/SR3 about a week after she went missing. Her body was sent to the Miami Valley Crime Lab for an autopsy, and authorities determined the cause of death was drowning.

The City of Wilmington is currently facing a civil suit from Casey’s father, Greg Pitzer.

At the April 8 council meeting, council president Mark McKay told attendees that due to disruptive behavior at previous meetings, future disruptors could face the charge.

McKay advised attendees at that meeting that individuals had expressed concerns over the conduct at previous meetings. He felt that public comment guidelines weren’t being followed. He cited people speaking out of turn, “badgering” public officials, and speaking over other attendees.

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