Clayton Morgan (center) was awarded the “Recognition for consistently making a difference Award” at the Monday, April 17 Clinton-Massie Board of Education meeting. Pictured with Morgan, from left to right, are: Clinton-Massie Board of Education members Andy Avery, Phil Harner, Jeremy Lamb, and Kathleen Norman.

Serena Hammond | News Journal photo

CLARKSVILLE — Clayton Morgan, a coach at the Clinton-Massie Local School District, was recently recognized with the “Recognition for consistently making a difference” award for his exceptional contributions to the school and athletic department.

Morgan has been an active member of the community and has consistently gone above and beyond to help improve the lives of the students at Clinton-Massie, according to school officials. This year alone, he spearheaded fundraising efforts for a new state-of-the-art technology golf simulator that is currently being built on the Clinton-Massie campus. The grand opening for this golf center will be held on May 1.

Thanks to Morgan’s efforts, Clinton-Massie will soon become one of the few schools in the Cincinnati area to have such a facility in golf technology on a school campus. And the best part? Morgan and the other golf coaches, Phil Larrick and James Brady, raised all the funds for the project and used no tax dollars or athletic department funds.

Morgan has been coaching for the past six years, serving as both the JV golf coach and the eighth grade basketball coach. Prior to this, he coached youth basketball for a decade.

In addition to his contributions to the athletic department, Morgan has been instrumental in providing financial and personal support to the school. When the junior high basketball team was struggling to find a coach, he stepped up and coached the team. And when the team needed shirts, his company, ASC Warranty, donated them.

At the Monday, April 17 school board meeting, Clinton-Massie Athletic Director Brian Carey praised Morgan for his willingness to step up in times of need and his “for the kids” mentality, adding that he is a vital member of the Massie community.

Superintendent Matt Baker echoed Carey’s sentiments, calling Morgan the “go-to guy” for the school and praising him for his unwavering support. Baker said that Morgan has never said no when asked to help support a child in need, from providing food to funding field trips.

Morgan’s generosity and kindness have not gone unnoticed, according to school officials, and the entire Clinton-Massie community is grateful for his unwavering dedication to the school and its students.