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Common Pleas Court sentencing hearings


WILMINGTON — The following were sentenced in Clinton County Common Pleas Court between Nov. 6-10:

• Charles Pennington Jr., 54, was sentenced in Clinton County Common Pleas Court to 21 months in jail after pleading guilty to an O.V.I. charge and a failure to comply charge. Served jail time of 290 days was credited and Pennington was fined $1,350.

According to court documents, Pennington’s driver’s license is also suspended for 10 years and his vehicle has been forfeited to the Wilmington Police Department. A second O.V.I. charge was dismissed. Pennington must attend and complete all available alcohol and drug abuse programs while incarcerated. Pennington has filed appeals against the sentencing.

• Bonnie Harrison, 33, of Wilmington, fentanyl-related compound possession, sentenced to six months of jail (71 days served). Harrison must take part in two years of community control and is remanded to attend the STAR program. The contraband was forfeited. Harrison must pay all fines and costs.

• Chadwick Huff, 41, of Wilmington, illegal conveyance of drugs/prohibited items in a detention facility (fentanyl), sentenced to six months in jail along with community control. In addition to community control, Huff is admitted into the YouTurn Recovery drug court docket and must graduate from the minimum 18-month program. Huff must take part in a supervision program, must not consume alcohol or drugs, and remain on good behavior. A fentanyl-related compound possession charge was dismissed.

• Anthony Curtis, 51, of Wilmington, aggravated drug possession – methamphetamine, sentenced to nine months in prison (35 days served). Curtis must take part in two years of supervised post-release control. A second aggravated drug possession-methamphetamine was dismissed.

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