Compeer program recognizes achievements

The Compeer program recently held its annual banquet.

The Compeer program recently held its annual banquet.

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Mental Health America’s Compeer program held its annual banquet at Max and Erma’s restaurant near Wilmington. This banquet is held to recognize the achievements over the past year and to celebrate everyone who contributed to the success.

Compeer provides a strong support system to adults with mental illness. This is done through one-to-one matches with community volunteers who get together to do social activities throughout the month and through group activities.

The theme for the year was “Friendship gives us roots and helps us grow.”

Michelle Rolf, the southwest Ohio area director of Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio gave a presentation.

The program focused on how everyone has to go through some difficult things in order to grow. The focus also was upon the importance of having people in our lives who ground us and root us on through those difficult times.

Special recognition was given to two dedicated volunteers who passed away in 2018: Sue Schweller and Dick Lee.

From there, growth and accomplishments were shared. In 2018, Compeer held 64 skill-building activities, over the previous year’s 54. These are activities where participants are learning new skills.

They held 27 enrichment activities, over the previous year’s 24. These are activities that focus on socialization.

In addition to these, Compeer held three activities where they focused on giving back to the community.

Volunteers gave over 1,100 hours of their time in 1-to-1 matches.

Also, Peer Recovery Support was increased as Kathie Herdman began leading small group activities, and Candace Moore and Brett Duncan began working as liaisons between MHA and contract agencies. Ashley Bailey was hired as program coordinator.

Most importantly, many people with mental illness felt supported, accepted and connected to others and to their community through Compeer.

In closing, Rolf had a time of special recognition and thanked everyone for their contributions in making Compeer a program that makes a difference.

Compeer is funded by Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties and the United Way of Clinton County.

If you would like to learn more about Compeer or Mental Health America, please contact Ashley Bailey at 513-721-2910 or [email protected] . Volunteers are needed. It is a fun, flexible and meaningful way to make a difference.

The Compeer program recently held its annual banquet. Compeer program recently held its annual banquet. Courtesy photo