Clinton County August marriage licenses

WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in August:

• Joseph Paul Sklenar-Heitzenrater, 27, military, and Aspen Fall Galloway, 22, a food service supervisor, both of Wilmington.

• Eric James Veselovec, 29, a delivery driver, and Jillian Renay Massey, 21, unemployed, both of Midland.

• Christian Scott Grundy, 26, unemployed, and Brianna Jo Rudduck, 25, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Timothy John Bell, 61, retired, and Carla Jo Armitage, 56, a cook, both of New Vienna.

• Bailey Donovan Smedley, 23, an emergency medical technician (EMT), and Katelynn Elizabeth Whiting, 22, a respiratory therapist, both of Wilmington.

• Tyler Robert Hodge, 26, clergy, of Wilmington, and Madison Taylor Baker, 21, a student, of Clarksville.

• Zachary Thomas Johnson, 23, a self-employed farmer, and Taylor Elizabeth Thatcher, 22, an insurance agent, both of Wilmington.

• Grant Thomas Ledford, 24, a driver, of Lynchburg, and Morgan Rae Swinderman, 23, an occupational therapist, of Blanchester.

• Jeffrey Paul King, 35, a product technician, of Bainbridge, and Courtney Ann Talbott, 31, a property manager, of Martinsville.

• Allen Jeffery Wisby, 26, who works in maintenance, and Courtney Rene Williams, 26, a stay-at-home mom, both of Midland.

• Patrick Burnette Hicks, 30, a customer service representative, and Halli Elizabeth Jackson, 29, a dental assistant, both of Wilmington.

• Derek Stephen Hughes, 31, a farmer, and Courtnie Lyn Camp, 25, a Head Start aide, both of Sabina.

• Steven Roger Douglas Turner, 19, an equipment operator, of Wilmington, and Caitlin Joanna Still, 29, unemployed, of Hamilton.

• Kyle Randall Whitley, 24, a trucker, and Cierra Lynn White, 22, a store manager, both of Blanchester.

• Corey James Sapp, 24, an equipment operator, and Lacie Belle Bryant, 23, who works in food service, both of Wilmington.

• Austin William Daniels, 20, a TimberTech operator, and Laicee Malaya Ray Jones, 20, a safety compliance administrator, both of Wilmington.

• Gavin Alexander Ellis, 35, an R+L dock supervisor, and Lynn Elizabeth Strack, 25, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Bo Daniel Hibbs, 33, a manager, and Megan Samantha Morris, 33, a nurse, both of Blanchester.

• Andrew Joseph Lewis, 32, a project manager, and Rachael Marie Lewis, 26, who works in sales, both of Durham, North Carolina.

• Jamie Douglas Joseph, 40, a deputy sheriff, of St. Marys, Ohio, and Miranda Jane Noble, 40, a registered nurse, of Sabina.

• Bryan Joseph Richmond, 28, a manufacturing associate, and Claudia Marie Garner, 26, a manufacturing associate, both of Wilmington.

• Bruce Gregory Allen, 61, a certified truck driver, and Donna Marie Guzman, 58, an administrator, both of Wilmington.

• Lora Leigh Justice, 24, a corrections officer, and Hollie Renee Gordley, 41, supervisor, both of Wilmington.

• StevieRay Brewington, 24, an iron worker, and Taylor Rene Shumaker, 21, a stay-at-home mom, both of Wilmington.

• Nathaniel Wade Perdue, 34, an installer, and Heather Deanna Altom, 33, cycle counter, both of Wilmington.

• Robert Christopher Erickson, 25, a supervisor, of Martinsville, and Emily Nicole Kenser, 23, a registered nurse, of Loveland.

• Matthew Aaron Williams, 28, who works in default servicing, of Clarksville, and Kristen Lynn Swallen, 24, who works in default servicing, of Lynchburg.

• Justin Michael Feltner, 31, a service technician, and Reva Alexis Eury, 24, a homemaker, both of New Vienna.

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