Clinton County October marriage licenses

WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in October:

• Cooper Joseph Criswell, 22, a contractor, and Shelby Nikole Jenkins, 24, a social worker, both of Midland.

• Deborah Ann Haines, 44, a plant operator, of Clarksville, and Tracy Ann Mullen, 43, a farm hand, of Martinsville.

• Wesley Aaron Sandlin, 28, a construction worker, and Traci Kay Hofer, 27, an intake coordinator, both of Wilmington.

• Mathew Robert Atkinson, 25, and Brittany Kay Hottinger, 24, an S.T.N.A. (State-Tested Nursing Assistant), both of New Vienna.

• Joseph Reed Wilson, 23, who works in construction, and Mackenzie Lynn Yocham, 23, a registered nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Jerome Anthony Denier III, 52, a business owner, of Clarksville, and Melissa Amy Ecton, 48, a supervisor, of Cincinnati.

• Kenneth Douglas Wilson II, a tattoo artist, 36, and Amber Dawn Rudy, 38, a crisis intervention specialist, both of Wilmington.

• Chad Morris Conner, 39, unemployed, and Sarah Lynn Hurley, 37, a cook, both of Wilmington.

• Seth Levi Vickers, 34, a mechanic, and Beth Ann Hughes, 28, unemployed, both of Sabina.

• David Lee Brothers II, a press operator, and Sarah Jordan Foland, 23, an office administrator, both of Wilmington.

• Ryan Lee Hamilton, 29, a warehouse worker, and Jenna Lee Tyner, 28, a cosmetologist, both of Blanchester.

• Troy E. Gillespie, 56, who works in construction, and Jennifer Louise Davis, 52, self-employed, both of Marion, Indiana.

• Dalton Corwin Horner, 23, military, of Pleasant Plain, and Sierra Ann Christian, 20, a room attendant, of Sabina.

• Derek Dean Jacobs, 46, a correctional officer, and Sarah Elizabeth Groves, 38, a speech pathologist, both of Palmer, Arkansas.

• Brendan Eugene Sullivan, 43, retired from U.S. Army, of Centerville, and Joanna Song Hee Rocheleau, 33, a librarian, of Wilmington.

• John Fred Porterfield, 78, retired, of Clarksville, and Martha Betty Weitthoff, 66, retired, of Wilmington.

• James Joseph Fenner, 26, a manager, and Madison Hannah Wymer, 24, a cosmetologist, both of Wilmington.

• Kevin Haley Brown, 22, a machinist, of Blanchester, and Tessa Ely Newman, 20, a nurse, of Martsinville.

• Bryce Hubert Bean, 25, a technician, and Lauren Elizabeth Wallace, 25, both of Sabina.

• Andrew Douglas Gale, 32, a chemical receiver, and Jennifer Lynn Hafley, 34, a scanning coordinator, both of Wilmington.

• Tracey Jerald Baker, 55, a mechanic tech, and Tracy Lynn Dissel, 45, a warehouse manager, both of Blanchester.

• Austin Scott Terry, 25, military, and Jessica Leanna Hendricks, 24, a cashier, both of Wilmington.

• Cody Wayne Foxbower, 28, an order filler, and Danielle Marie Adams, 27, an S.T.N.A. (State-Tested Nursing Assistant), both of Sabina.

• Benjamin Isiah Witt, 30, a traveling carpenter, and Brandy Lynne Cress, 30, a nurse’s aide, both of Blanchester.

• Blake Alan Garringer, 23, who works in construction, and Britney Joy Aubry, 22, unemployed, both of Lynchburg.

• Gavyn Lawrence Douglas Ripley, 21, a deputy, of Cincinnati, and Shelby Leah Miller, 22, a bank teller, of Blanchester.

• Kevin Lee Carter, 30, a supervisor, and Cassandra Kay Davis, 30, a homemaker, both of Clarksville.

• Bryan Eric Poeppelman, 32, an aerial installer, and Holli Lynn Mellick, 38, an assistant manager, both of Wilmington.

• Cody Dale Campbell, 24, a processor, and Savannah Rae Miller, 22, a student, both of Blanchester.

• Kyle Thomas Siau, 21, a saw operator, and Lisa Marie Greene, 20, a manager, both of Wilmington.

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