Clinton County marriage licenses in August

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WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in August:

• Kyle Mark Rhoads, 30, a lineman, and Kara Lee Mostoller, 28, a physician assistant, both of New Vienna.

• Nathan Lewis Grimm, 27, a welder, of Fairborn, and Desiree Nicole Thomas, 24, a hair stylist, of Wilmington.

• Alex Caldwell Bergen, 21, a delivery driver, of Midland, and Jessica Brooke Fugett, 21, a delivery driver, of Blanchester.

• Dylan Michael Rose, 24, a student, of Wilmington, and Rachel Ann Lynch, 24, a nurse, of Clarksville.

• Tyler James Earley, 26, a field system technician, and Chloe Ann Millam-Smart, 22, a crew scheduler, both of Wilmington.

• Phillip Ryan Centers, 28, who works in concrete construction, and Kristina Le Ann Leigh, 26, a homemaker, both of Sabina.

• Edward Michael Roberts Jr., 43, disabled, and Tabatha Lamarr McCabe, 33, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Dillon Harrison Thomas, 26, a maintenance tech, and Ashley Evon Howard, 32, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Matthew Steven Smith, 36, an electrician, and Rebecca Elaine Waskiewicz, 41, a banker, both of Wilmington.

• Charles Ryan Kerns, 33, a sonographer, and Allison Randi Mulch, 32, a book keeper, both of Sabina.

• Chad Keith Reed Emmons, 31, a corrections officer, and Madison Bralee Cockerill, 22, a managing partner, both of Sabina.

• Anthony Donald Bolen, 24, a service tech, and Aimee Jo Townsend, 21, a team lead, both of Wilmington.

• Austin Taylor Mountjoy, 19, a production assistant, of Martinsville, and Cheyanne Montana Makalapua Medley, 18, a stay-at-home mom, of Blanchester.

• Joshua Ross Piechocki, 21, who is in the Marine Corps, and Margo Elizabeth Brooker, 22, who works in banking, both of Wilmington.

• Eric Frank Poe, 54, a disabled veteran, of Clarksville, and Angela Marie Junker, 43, a homemaker, of Wilmington.

• Nick Coffman, 64, retired, of Green Cove Springs, Florida, and Sarah Elizabeth Salatin, 33, retired, of Wilmington.

• Garrett Thomas Lennon, 23, a registered nurse, and Brittany Nicole Curtis, 23, a 911 operator, both of Wilmington.

• Joseph Windham Alexander, 22, an accountant, and Nicea Bray, 23, a therapist, both of Wilmington.

• Ronald Mitchell Rannells, 48, a disabled veteran, of Park City, Kentucky, and Krista Dawn Porterfield Spurling, 48, a social worker, of Clarksville.

• Jacob Steven Moore, 26, a farmer, and Brianna Leigh Wendt, 24, a financial analyst, both of New Vienna.

• Austin Gregory Frueh, 22, a student, of Dayton, and Ariana Grace Nelson, 21, a student, of Wilmington.

• Michael Corwin Haines, 46, a welder, and Brandy Kay Ratliff, 41, a home health aide / CNA [Certified Nursing Assistant], both of Sabina.

• Travis Daniel Beckelhymer, 35, a truck driver, and Chelsea Lynn Whitworth, 33, an STNA [State-Tested Nursing Assistant], both of Martinsville.

• Justin Michael Wallace, 29, who works in information technology, and Stephanie Grace Thompson, 29, who works in retail, both of Wilmington.

• Salvador Antonio Gonzales, 37, a machinist, and Trishia Ann Sherman, 36, a forklift operator, both of Wilmington.

• Drew Michael Hertlein, 30, who works with the State Highway Patrol, of Wilmington, and Kelsey Lynn Jones, 33, an insurance coordinator, of Blanchester.

• Robert Gene Hupp Jr., a machine operator, and Kaitlin Brooke Carrel, 26, CSR, both of Blanchester.

• Melvet Edward Moody, 64, a computer machine operator, and Gayle Denise Roberson, 68, retired, both of Wilmington.

• William Kenneth Hart, 32, who works in mechanical maintenance, and Chaslynn Elizabeth-Kaye Kelch, 22, a machine operator, both of Wilmington.

• Stephen Anthony Jacobs, 40, a senior technician, and Kimberlee Janelle Akers, 33, a TimberTech worker, both of Sabina.

• Michael Wayne Hollon, 32, a tree trimmer, and Samantha Ann Morgensen, 26, an LPN [Licensed Practical Nurse], both of Blanchester.

• Christopher Austin Cowman, 27, a farmer, and Shelbie Taylor Stephenson, 28, a title processor, both of Wilmington.

• Wesley Taylor Hewitt, 25, an aircraft mechanic, of Wilmington, and Jordan Haylee Bills, 23, a legal assistant, of Blanchester.

• Skyler David Helterbrand, 24, a technician, and Shlayna Lacey Conover, 25, a cook, both of Blanchester.

• Joseph Hall Ashcraft, 37, who works in management, and Katlynn Marie Wilson, 29, a stay-at-home mother, both of Midland.

• Robert Gordon Walls Sr., 48, who is self-employed, of Cincinnati, and Jennifer Kay Boaz, 46, unemployed, of Wilmington.

• Alexis Emery Furguson, 25, a patient representative, and Faith Louise Helterbrant, 25, a title clerk, both of Wilmington.

• Vendel Czvikli, 42, a roofer, of Batavia, and Brittany Christine Rhonemus, 31, a document agent, of Wilmington.

• Nathan Christopher Giacobbi, 29, a scheduler, and Jessica Margot Kassinos, 29, an operations liaison, both of Wilmington.

• Douglas Jerome Pinkerton Sr., 54, a machinist, and Maureen Patricia Ruppert, 52, a business owner, both of Sabina.

• Jeremy Scott Chamberlin, 40, an IT consultant, and Wendy Cheirie Johnson, 48, a controller, both of Wilmington.

• Bruce Bernard Barricklow, 76, retired, and Linda Helen Knight, 77, retired, both of Blanchester.

• Amanda Mae Taylor, 23, a receptionist, and Mandy Kay Garrison, 43, a machine operator, both of Martinsville.

• Blake Christian Bella, 28, a sheet metalist, and Taylor Rae Johnson, 22, a server, both of Blanchester.

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