Clinton County marriage licenses in October

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WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in October:

• Zadah Fawn Luty, 22, an S.T.N.A. (State-Tested Nursing Assistant), and Caitlin Brooke Kingery, 25, an L.P.N. (Licensed Practical Nurse), both of Sabina.

• Jacob Samuel Winkler, 33, a HAZMAT (hazardous materials) technician and firefighter, of Wilmington, and Andrea Lynn Myers, 31, a teacher, of West Carrollton.

• Gage Taylor Egner, 23, a machinist, and Angela Fontelle Hutsenpiller, 25, a receptionist, both of Blanchester.

• Samuel Allan Everhart II, 23, an operator, and Marsaidees Natane Marie Jones, 24, a compliance administrator, both of Wilmington.

• Aaron Casey Evans, 25, a FedEx driver, and Anjelika Nicole Hasz, 24, a homemaker, both of Wilmington.

• Jordan Ryan Hilterbran, 30, who works in manufacturing, and Amy Lynn Rhoads, 33, unemployed, both of New Vienna.

• John David Tunon III, 44, who works in construction, and Sarah Elizabeth Morris, 42, who works in manufacturing, both of Wilmington.

• Shawn Ryan Spann, 32, a sales specialist, and Brittany Ann Nicole Peterson, 29, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Richard Gregory Long, 55, a material handler, and Christy Gale Brehm, 54, a machine operator, both of Sabina.

• Drew Edward Moon, 32, a client relations consultant, and Katherine Nicole Jones, 25, a veterinarian technician, both of Wilmington.

• Patrick Lynn Beatty, 47, an equipment operator, and Casey Lynn Drake, 36, an accounts payable specialist, both of Sabina.

• Nicholas Shawn Clarkson, 46, a corrections officer, and Margie Ann Glass, 38, admin. pro., both of Wilmington.

• Steven Lee Parrish, 23, unemployed, of Lancaster, and Brittany Ciera Spicer, 23, a student, of Wilmington.

• Cordell Anthony Cordrey, 23, a deputy sheriff, of Sabina, and Katelyn Rosemary Summe, 21, a student, of Hamilton.

• William Christopher Kairn, 35, a Kroger employee, of New Vienna, and Tricia Sue Hull, 39, with Wilmington College, of Martinsville.

• Frederick Samuel McCoy, 62, an owner-operator, and Nina Lynn Brown, 52, a business owner, both of Midland.

• Tyler Wade Spurlock, 35, an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) tech, and Kelly Suzanne Hoyt, 33, a nurse, both of Blanchester.

• Travis Roy Jones, 33, a welder, and Dyana Lee Rivers, 31, a medical biller, both of Wilmington.

• Kevin Charles Willis, 24, a factory worker, of Leesburg, and Taylor Kyree Dalton, 24, a laborer, of Wilmington.

• Jerry Shane Goff, 48, military training inst., and Linda Ann Goff, 40, branch admin., both of Wilmington.

• Christopher Jon Walentschik, 25, a mechanic, and Cassie Lee Papciak, 25, a horse trainer, both of Wilmington.

• Brandon Scott Lander, 23, a service technician, of Martinsville, and Elizabeth Marie Holcomb, 23, a daycare provider, of Wilmington.

• Douglas Marshall McClanahan, 37, a millwright, and Paula Diane Bumbarger, 37, unemployed, both of Blanchester.

• Charles Stewart Huston, 46, with Adecco, and Rebecca Ann Downey, 42, who works at Dealer Track, both of Wilmington.

• Cole Asher Retzloff, 25, a supervisor, of Centerville, and Bridget Kathlyn Garnai, 25, a librarian, of Wilmington.

• Logan Allen McGuire, 32, a laborer, and Krista Mae Knuckles, 29, a customer service representative, both of Midland.

• Lucas James Orndorf, 31, a Gap leader, and Rachel Elizabeth Wood, 26, unemployed, both of Clarksville.

• Benjamin Starling Waits, 26, who works in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and Samantha Danielle Ziegler, 25, an orthodontic assistant, both of Blanchester.

• Robert Bocephus Cunningham, 26, a cook, and Megan Marie Taylor, 25, a front office worker, both of Wilmington.

• Michael Dale Walters, 36, a district manager, and Amanda Gail Gillenwater, 31, a district manager, both of Wilmington.

• Zachary Robert Holmes, 20, a receiving manager, and Elizabeth Christine Rogers, 21, a marketing librarian, both of Martinsville.

• Jeffrey Shane Ott, 29, an operation lead, and Taylor Dawn Turner, 22, who works in inventory control, both of Midland.

• Troy Douglas Padgett, 50, self-employed, and Susan Genevieve Becker, 50, a bakery clerk, both of Blanchester.

• Joshua John Mullins, 23, a pest control specialist, and Rian Rachelle Worthington, 26, unemployed, both of Blanchester.

• Nathan Daniel Hart, 25, a corrections officer, and Danielle Elizabeth Carson, 38, an addictions counselor, both of Wilmington.

• Roy Christopher Hensley Jr., 48, self-employed, and Beverly Gay Bryant, 52, self-employed, both of Wilmington.

• Jason Robert Boggs, 35, a disabled veteran, and Mary Jean Hampton, 35, a homemaker, both of Sabina.

• Shane Michael Wooley, 38, an Information Technology (I.T.) engineer, and Melissa Ann Burnett, 29, a stay-at-home mom, both of Wilmington.

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