Clinton County marriage licenses in December

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WILMINGTON — Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

The following people received a marriage license in December:

• Michael John Barkley Jr., 54, disabled, and Melissa Jean Myers, 53, a data manager, both of Clarksville.

• Kaine Dale Tomlin, 26, unemployed, and Christine Alexis Richardson, 21, a part builder, both of Sabina.

• Randy Eugene Current Jr., 40, a factory worker, of Sabina, and Erin Lynn Maple, 43, who does house cleaning, of Xenia.

• Michael Burgess Pauley, 54, self-employed, and Angela Deena Rhoads, 53, a registered nurse (RN), both of Martinsville.

• Harley Anthony McPherson, 24, who works for UPS, and Sydney Ellen Griffith, 24, a registered nurse (RN), both of Wilmington.

• Timothy Daniel Shafer, 21, a trainer, and Olivia Kathryn Bills, 20, who works for Amazon, both of Wilmington.

• Francis O. Matias Gonzalez, 39, who works for SugarCreek, and Ilvaniz Rosive Zambrano Carpintero, 22, unemployed, both of Sabina.

• Trent James Czartoski, 26, a farm manager, and Anna Marie France, 26, who does digital marketing work, both of Clarksville.

• Tristan Michael Brenner, 21, a mechanic, and Kaitlyn Lorraine Day, 22, a lead operator, both of Blanchester.

• Jeremy Tyler Kimberlin, 25, a mechanic, and Chloe Elizabeth Cooper, 24, a stay-at-home mom, both of Sabina.

• Martin Dale Evans, 60, retired, and Carol Sue Earhart, 60, who works in facility maintenance, both of Wilmington.

• Danielle Theresa Smith, 51, a nanny, and Johnny Travis Gilliam, 43, disabled, both of Sabina.

• Russell Warren Kincaid, 54, a Wilmington College professor, and Rhonda Kay Rutherford, 53, a bank manager, both of Midland.

• Andrew Michael Brads, 22, a student, and Morgan Ruth Bryant, 21, a student, both of Wilmington.

• Sean Patrick Finnegan, 33, an OSA lead, and Heather Leah Sanderson, 24, a medical center rep, both of Sabina.

• Brian Matthew Allen, 45, unemployed, of Goshen, and Nicole Paige Gregory, 45, a microbiologist, of Blanchester.

• Shane Douglas Donaldson, 23, who works in manufacturing, and Shannon Cassidy Eades, 23, a campground attendant, both of Wilmington.

• David Scott Siau, 24, an Arby’s employee, and Veronica Nichol Greene, 19, unemployed, both of Martinsville.

• Harold Lee Grosnickle III, 47, self-employed, and Christine Marie Jones, 39, a FedEx driver, both of Blanchester.

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