Vectren replacing local pipelines this year

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WILMINGTON — Crews working for Vectren have begun the process of replacing gas mains and service lines throughout the state as part of the company’s pipeline replacement program, which is a multi-year program to replace about 700 miles of bare steel and cast-iron pipeline infrastructure in more than 40 cities or towns in west central Ohio.

This year, 21 west-central Ohio cities will be impacted — including Wilmington — and crews will retire more than 60 miles through an investment of nearly $58 million.

These infrastructure enhancements are vital to meeting federal requirements and ensuring safe delivery of natural gas service to customers for decades to come, the company stated in a news release.

Visit the Active Projects tab on to view an interactive map displaying all existing or upcoming work in each city. This site is updated regularly as new projects come online.

Replacement work is prioritized based on pipeline assessment and leak repair data as well as the opportunity to minimize the construction impact to the affected city.

News Journal