State lawmaker stopped by trooper denies driving impaired

COLUMBUS (AP) — A state lawmaker from Cincinnati who was charged with impaired driving and felony drug possession after a traffic stop says he drove after drinking but believes he wasn’t impaired.

Democratic state Rep. Sedrick Denson was stopped by a state trooper for a traffic violation shortly before 3 a.m. Friday on a Columbus-area highway. The 31-year-old freshman lawmaker failed a field sobriety test and refused a chemical test. A trooper searching his car found an Adderall pill, a stimulant that Denson isn’t prescribed and says he doesn’t use.

Denson also was charged with driving on a suspended license.

In a statement, Denson acknowledged “an error in judgment” and apologized. He said he regrets not using greater caution in his driving decision and refusing testing to establish that he wasn’t impaired.