Wilmington tax returns due April 15

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WILMINGTON — The 2018 City of Wilmington individual and business tax returns are due Monday, April 15, reminds City Treasurer Paul Fear.

All City of Wilmington residents are required to file regardless of employment status or the tax being withheld by the employer, according to City Tax Commissioner Marque Jones. Only residents living inside the city limits must file.

If you work in Wilmington but do not live inside the City of Wilmington, you do not have to file a return unless your employer does not withhold the tax.

Retirees who have no earned income can write their Social Security number on the return, sign the return, and mail it to the tax office.

If your child has earned income, and is 18 years old, he or she must file a city tax return.

The Wilmington Income Tax Ordinance requires city residents that do not have the city tax withheld from their paycheck to file a declaration of estimated tax in 2019. Once the declaration is filed, quarterly payments are required to be paid. If the quarterly payments are not made, penalty and interest can be applied to the tax due.

To assist anyone not receiving a form, city tax forms are available at the Wilmington Income Tax Office and at the Wilmington Public Library. Forms are also available on the city’s website www.wilmingtonoh.org under the Government link to income tax.

The city’s income tax rate is 1.5 percent as of Jan. 1, 2017.

The city income tax office is located on the first floor of the Municipal Building at 69 N. South St. Taxpayers can enter the office directly off of South Street without going into the Municipal Building lobby. The tax office is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday; phone 937-382-1880.


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