Wilmington man jailed for phoning 3 bomb threats to company

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WILMINGTON — A man who called in three bomb threats last year to Ahresty has to pay a hefty fine and court-ordered restitution to the company as well as serve a six-month jail term.

Anthony P. Hoover, 41, a Wilmington resident, was convicted of making a false alarm, which is a felony of the third degree.

He was fined $10,000 and ordered to pay $21,587 to Ahresty in restitution. Sentencing Judge William B. McCracken instructed the clerk of courts to apply payments from Hoover first to restitution, next to court costs, and lastly toward the fine.

Hoover phoned Ahresty on Feb. 20, 2018 at about 3:30 p.m.; called on Feb. 22, 2018 at about 11:10 p.m.; and then called on March 12, 2018 at about 8 a.m., according to a court document.

Each time he stated a bomb would go off, according to court papers filed by the county prosecutor’s office.

The false bomb threats led to evacuations of employees at the large manufacturing facility off U.S. 68 South. The threats are alleged to have resulted in a loss of work production, that in turn is alleged to have caused a dollar loss amounting to $160,488.

A representative of Ahresty was present for the sentencing hearing held in the Clinton County Common Pleas Courtroom.

In addition to the monetary sanctions and the jail term, the defendant was placed on a five-year term of community controls.

In an unrelated case, a Blanchester man received a 12-month prison term following convictions for two counts of receiving stolen property (involving a debit or credit card) and for failing to appear for a court hearing.

Matthew R. Woodruff, 34, of Blanchester, failed to appear for his Jan. 31, 2019 sentencing hearing. He also reportedly failed to report to the court’s pre-sentence investigation (PSI) officer who prepares reports about defendants’ backgrounds meant to aid the judge for sentencing purposes.

The failing-to-appear conviction has a more serious felony level than do the receiving-stolen-property convictions.

The defendant also is ordered to pay $125 restitution to the theft-related victim.

In other recent sentencings:

• Jacqueline Lee Bickel, 48, of the New Vienna area, was sentenced to a six-month term at the Clinton County Jail as one requirement included in a two-year term of community controls. She also is ordered to pay $15,235 in restitution. She was sentenced after being convicted of grand theft, telecommunications fraud, forgery, possessing criminal tools, and insurance fraud.

• John T. Barnthouse, 41, of Wilmington, convicted of theft, received an 11-month prison term (with credit granted for 161 days of incarceration). He also is ordered to pay $3,738 restitution to the theft victim.

• Tracy L. Robinson, 37, of New Vienna, convicted of two counts of aggravated drug trafficking, received a suspended six-month jail term (with credit for 11 days already spent in jail). The defendant was placed on community controls for a two-year term.

• Andrew Scott Totten, 31, of Wilmington, convicted of illegal conveyance of drugs, was placed on community controls for a five-year term. He received a suspended six-month jail term (with credit granted for 74 days spent in incarceration).

• Bret R. Swisher, 44, of Leesburg, convicted of aggravated possession of drugs, had his community controls term revoked and he then received a nine-month prison term (with credit for 141 days spent in incarceration). He also was fined $500.

• James E. Arnett, 39, of the Jamestown area, convicted of aggravated possession of drugs, had his term of community controls revoked and now must serve an 11-month prison term (with credit granted for 28 days already spent in incarceration). The prison term will be concurrent with an Adams County sentence, court papers stated.

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By Gary Huffenberger

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