Two charged in musical misunderstanding

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — Two men face charges following a confrontation that began in a store parking lot, police said.

According to Blanchester police, on Thursday Bryan Mettler of Blanchester reported that, while parked in a “no parking” zone in front of the Kroger store on East Cherry Street, a man in a van confronted him about the music he was listening to, which resulted in an argument.

“Mettler claimed that he happened to leave the store parking lot at the same time as the man in the van, and followed him down East Cherry Street,” stated Police Chief Scott Reinbolt. “However, Mettler admitted his family was shopping in the store at the time, but that he ‘forgot’ them and left them there. Mettler told the officer he was following the man in the van, when the man displayed a pistol out of the window of the van.”

On Sunday, an officer located and interviewed the owner of the van, Timothy Moore of Blanchester, police said.

“Moore confirmed that he and Mettler were in a confrontation in the Kroger parking lot on May 2, stated Mettler followed him from the lot taunting him, and admitted displaying his pistol from the inside of his vehicle,” said Reinbolt, who added that Moore is a concealed weapons permit holder.

Reinbolt said that on Sunday afternoon “Moore was charged with aggravated menacing and Mettler was charged with disorderly conduct, both misdemeanor offenses. Both were served with a summons requiring their appearance in the Clinton County Municipal court to answer the charges.”

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