Mandatory overtime for nurses at center of Toledo hospital strike

By John Seewer - Associated Press

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A strike in its third week at an Ohio hospital is putting a spotlight on concerns about forcing nurses to repeatedly work mandatory overtime.

The strike also comes at a time when state lawmakers are debating legislation that would allow nurses to refuse mandatory overtime.

About 2,200 workers, including nurses, paramedics, and custodians, have been on strike since May 6 at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

Many nurses there say staffing shortages are forcing them to routinely work extra hours and be on-call day after day.

Hospital officials have said the way they handle staffing is reasonable and common within the health care industry. They also say it ensures proper patient care.

Nurses say forcing them to work long hours isn’t safe for them or their patients.

By John Seewer

Associated Press