CMHS students earn academic awards

By Clinton-Massie Local Schools

Clinton-Massie High School held its 17th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony on Wednesday celebrating the scholarly achievements of the Class of 2019.

Scholarships were awarded in excess of $108,000. The following students received one or more scholarships: Tyler Beam, Emily Brausch, Thomas “Gunnar” Broglin, Brandon Calvert, Hailey Clayborn, Haley Conley, McKenna Crawford, Abbey Faucett, Emma Filipkowski, William “Logan” Fisher, Connor Hendrickson, Allison Houseman, Emily Ireland, Paige Kleinholz, Jason Martin, Raelynne Mason, Corey May, Ryan Miller, Ashley Murphy, Madison “Karlee” Rice, Charles “Jalen” Richardson, Christian Stalder, Seth Stiverson, Corey Stulz, Brennen Swope and Erica Wright.

Students were also recognized by The President’s Education Awards Program (PEAP). PEAP is awarded on behalf of the President of the United States and the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Students who received the President’s Award for Excellence included: Lindsey Amberger, Tyler Beam, Emily Brausch, Thomas “Gunnar” Broglin, Jennifer Callewaert, Brandon Calvert, Hailey Clayborn, Emma Filipkowski, Nathan Gibbs, Kylie Harvey, Connor Hendrickson, Allison Houseman, Joshua Hurley, Emily Ireland, Griffin Laake, Jason Martin, Raelynne Mason, Caden Mckay, Jakob Meranda-Dudey, Emily Rager, Jalen Richardson, Seth Stiverson, Corey Stulz, Brennen Swope, Spencer Voss and Erica Wright.

Students who received the President’s Award for Achievement included: Alexis Barrett, McKenna Crawford, Lu Ming Davis, William Fisher, Taylor Florea, Tyler Greathouse, Elijah Huelsman, Dalton Jones, Sarah Karns, Paige Kleinholz, Hunter LeForge, James Lewis, Shyanna Linville, Corey May, Dylan Merrill, Ryan Miller, Peyton Newport, Matt Phillips, Izabella Pinardi, Madison Rice, Seth Schmidt, Emilee Schweitzer and Andrew Settlemyre.

In addition to the awards above, the evening included recognition of graduates who will receive a diploma with honors, awards for top 10 Grade Point Averages (GPA), department and citizenship awards selected by CMHS staff, and recognition of CMHS staff nominated by the students.

Commencement for Clinton-Massie was set for Friday, May 24 at Wilmington College’s Hermann Court.

By Clinton-Massie Local Schools