11 guilty in Clinton County Municipal Court

By Nathan Kraatz - nkraatz@civitasmedia.com

WILMINGTON — The following report is compiled using a disposition report provided by the Clinton County Municipal Court. The information includes the name of the defendant, age, location (if listed), charge disposed, fine, court costs assessed, jail sentence and any special conditions. Municipal Judge Mike Daugherty oversees the court, which handles misdemeanors, traffic cases and some civil cases. Only the criminal misdemeanors are included here.

The following were found guilty or pled guilty during the week of December 28 through December 31:

• Christopher Jones, 34, of Columbus, domestic violence, sentencing stayed.

• Kyler Landacre, 23, of Blanchester, negligent homicide, sentenced 180 days jail (stayed), fined $1,000, assessed $100 court costs, three years unsupervised probation. Sentence stayed to allow Landacre to complete a self-assessment questionnaire.

• Krista Eden, 26, of Wilmington, theft, sentencing stayed to allow defendant to complete diversion.

• Cody Taylor, 20, of Blanchester, possession of marijuana, fined $100, assessed $100 court costs.

• Johsua Tunner, 36, of Wilmington, assault, sentenced 90 days jail, fined $150, assessed $100 court costs, unsupervised probation, no contact order vacated per victim’s request.

• Lesley Curtis, 42, of Sabina, possession of marijuana, fined $50, assessed $100 court costs.

• Steven Soale, 26, of Sabina, possession of a drug abuse instrument, sentenced 90 days jail (suspended), fined $150, assessed $100 court costs, supervised probation. Soale to be held in jail until assessed for residential treatment.

• Joseph Burkhart, 30, of Blanchester, unauthorized use, sentenced 30 days jail (suspended), fined $100, assessed $100 court costs, to pay restitution if amount provided within 30 days.

• Layne Hall, 19, of Wilmington, unauthorized use, fined $150, assessed $100 court costs, 40 hours community service. If compliant, court will suspend $100 of the fine.

• Taylor Bailey, 19, of New Vienna, possession of a drug abuse instrument, sentenced 90 days jail (stayed), fined $500, assessed $100 court costs, operator’s license suspended for six months. Sentence stayed to allow Bailey to complete supervised probation; if compliant, court will suspend the jail sentence and $400 of the fine. Bailey is eligible for limited driving privileges upon request. A charge of possessing drug paraphernalia was dismissed.

• Christopher Bowling, 25, of Martinsville, theft, sentenced 30 days jail (suspended), fined $250, assessed $100 court costs, one year supervised probation, 40 hours of community service, no contact with victim business for the next year, $32.25 restitution.

The following had charges dismissed:

• Kevin Dutro, 52, of Fayetteville, child endangerment; charge dismissed.

• Geneva Combs, 35, of Chillicothe, possession of a drug abuse instrument and possession of marijuana; all charges dismissed upon payment of court costs. Combs completed treatment and had been sober for more than a year.

• Jasmine Bruens, 37, of Kettering, passing bad checks; charge dismissed.

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By Nathan Kraatz