Weather forces cancellation of WC’s 10th Tomadah Paradah

News Journal

WILMINGTON — It’s no secret that this year’s weather is wreaking havoc with the state’s agriculture production, as many fields remain unplanted or compromised in yield. Wilmington College’s annual salute to summer’s favorite fruit is the latest casualty of a fickle Mother Nature.

The College has cancelled what would have been the 10th annual Tomadah Paradah — “Parade of Tomatoes” — slated for August 10.

So, this year, there will be no tasting of nuclear-hot peppers or tomatoes with names like Black Prince, Lemon Bug, Cherokee Purple and Box Car Willie — or samples from the College’s secret watermelon patch.

Dr. Monte Anderson, professor of agriculture, said a combination of excessive rain and high temperatures occurring at the wrong times this summer has seriously affected the pollination and subsequent growth of the tomatoes. This led to the decision to cancel.

“Last week, we picked three ripe tomatoes off 80 plants — and peppers are way behind too,” he said, adding that the super-hot temperatures forecasted for this weekend would further hinder growth.

Anderson mentioned the College is considering a Fall Field Day as a replacement for the popular “Parade of Tomatoes.”

News Journal