Be alert for skimmers at the pump

News Journal

WILMINGTON — Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl is urging gas station employees and customers to be on alert for anything unusual at gas pumps. Electronic devices know as skimmers have been discovered on credit card readers in gas pumps in numerous Ohio counties including neighboring Fayette and Warren counties.

Habermehl said Clinton County Weights and Measures Inspector Eric Keltner has been inspecting pumps throughout the county, but the skimmers can be attached and removed quickly. The devices are placed inside of the credit card reader and are often undetected by customers. So far, no skimmer devices have been found in Clinton County.

“The Ohio Department of Agriculture, Chief Deputy State Sealer has asked county auditors to be on the lookout in their jurisdictions,” said Habermehl. “Customers are encouraged to use gas pumps that are easily in view of the attendant, located in areas that are well lit, and to never use a debit card when purchasing gas.” Criminals have been placing skimmers in gas pumps around the region in attempts to steal credit and debit card numbers.

Customers are urged to be extra cautious when purchasing fuel. If consumers notice that a gas pump may have been tampered with, it should be reported immediately to the county auditor’s office and the local police.

“Customers should not touch or try to remove skimmers, and are encouraged to review their bank statements for fraudulent charges,” Habermehl said.

News Journal